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Are Blackouts a Sign of Alcoholism?

Excessive alcohol consumption has always been a significant point of focus for friends, family, and medical professionals worldwide. Alcoholism or alcohol abuse can take a

What Is Meth-Induced Psychosis?

Most people have heard about the substance meth (short for methamphetamine). It’s a potent stimulant and can be very dangerous when used to induce psychotic

How to Know You’re Addicted to Marijuana

Many people have a false sense of security regarding their marijuana consumption. Many consumers can use marijuana without trouble, but things aren’t as easy for

What Is the Mortality Rate of Alcoholism?

The desire to drink alcohol has been a significant part of our society for years, something especially true for individuals around the United States. Whether

Is Relapsing a Part of Recovery?

Even the most attentive, diligent, and meticulous person is at risk of relapsing during their recovery process. During recovery, the chances of a relapse can

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