In the beginning of sobriety, trying to find fun activities can seem hard.  Typically, this can be due to the fact that almost everything prior to getting sober involved drugs and alcohol.  Now, you have to find new ways to have fun that do not involve any mind or mood-altering substances.

Sometimes it can feel like there is almost nothing you can do that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol, but this is very far from the truth.  Most things that you used to do while using or drinking can still be done without drugs and drinking and they may even be more fun!

Sporting events

You can go to sporting events sober and even remember who won!  Trying to break the habit of getting a beer or two every inning of a baseball game may seem dumb when you first get sober.  After you experience your first game sober, you will definitely see that the sport has a lot of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Sure, some people feel like the only way to dance is with some ‘liquid courage’, but have you ever tried dancing without drugs or alcohol?  It is quite the rush and can really make you realize that you never needed the stuff in the first place.  Next Friday night, try sweating it out on the dance floor with some sober friends.


You can workout at home or in the gym.  Nobody needed drugs and alcohol to have fun with exercise, so why would you need it now.  If you don’t want to commit to a gym membership then try going for a run around your neighborhood or at the local park.  The endorphins will kick in and you may feel way better than you ever did high on drugs.

Go to the movies

Watching movies at home with friends can be fun, but going to the movie theater sober is a whole different way to really experience the movies.  You can really get a thrill with 3D movies and they’re definitely cheaper than any day using drugs or alcohol.


Whether its painting a picture, knitting a scarf, making something out of wood, there’s so many different things to make with your own two hands.  Some people really find that they have a talent for making things when they get sober.  Others may reconnect with an old passion for making things they used to make before they started getting loaded.  Either way, there are so many things to create when you can think straight!

Spend some time outdoors

Go for a hike!  Parks and local nature spots are all around and you can really feel alive when you are outdoors hiking.  Grab a snack, a friend and some boots, and you are ready for a hike.  You don’t have to climb a mountain, but you can always go exploring in nature without drugs and alcohol.

Have a game night with friends

Play games with your friends!  Board games, cards, video games, sports…there are literally a million different ways to have fun playing games sober with friends.

Go to a concert or live music event

Seeing your favorite bands and artists doesn’t have to be ruined just because you put down the blunt or beer!  Try going to a concert with your friends and you will see that it is even better sober.  Many live concerts and festivals even have areas of the event that promote sobriety!

Plan a trip or vacation

Whether it’s just a drive to the local beach or booking tickets to Europe, travelling sober is the best way to see the world.  You can really remember how good of a trip it was and even avoid getting in trouble going through customs!  Just remember your passport and you can go anywhere you want.

Learn something new

If you want to go back to school, take an art class or even just read a book.  Learning can be fun sober.  Many people are intimidated to go back to school, only to find out that when they are sober, they really enjoy learning.  You don’t have to go back to school to learn though.  Picking up a book or watching an educational documentary can be just as fun sober.