Our Guiding Principles

The Three Cs provide the foundation for our Steps to Recovery Alumni Programs.


Our communities to our alumni and their families in a meaningful way.


To serving and guiding our alumni and their families.


Strong communities that will continue their recovery journeys together.

Alumni Program Components

Support Groups

Our alumni relations team facilitates discharge interviews for Steps to Recovery clients and various support groups for clients, alumni, and their families to help them connect with and commit to the program.

Discharge Interviews

During each interview, the Alumni Relations Coordinator introduces the program, answers any questions, and collects membership information.

Discharge Group

Throughout each client’s stay, the discharge group allows clients to check in, share their experiences, find support, and get educated on the program.

Alumni Support Group

Within this weekly group, alumni can check in, share their experiences, and find support.

Family Support Group

Within this weekly group, families can check in, share their experiences, and find support.

Post-Discharge Outreach

We know that consistent contact cultivates relationships. After leaving STR Behavioral Health, each alumni receives an initial check-in, as well as ongoing scheduled check-ins. During these check-ins, recovery challenges and the needed resources are identified and addressed so our alumni and their families feel supported.

The Group Me App and Private Facebook Page

The app and private page allow alumni and their families to instantly connect with other program members. Members can post, build friendships, access support groups, track events and milestones, and more. The Alumni Relations Coordinator administers groups and provides support as well as holds all members accountable to each group’s rules.

Volunteer Committee

Our Alumni Program is run, governed, and supported by our volunteer committee, which works in conjunction with our Alumni Relations Coordinator. The only requirements for committee membership include attending the once-a-month meetings and participating in most Alumni Program events.


We believe in connection through group activities! Recovery is about being a part of life and experiencing new events. The volunteer committee votes on various quarterly events, including reunions, bowling, and more.

What Our Alumni, Their Families, And Clinical Partners Are Saying

Over 200 5-Star Google Reviews!
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“Silver Pines will always hold a place in my heart. The staff is awesome, the therapists are super professional, and the facility itself is super cozy. Highly recommended to anyone who truly wants to start living life, one day at a time.”

– Grateful Alumnus
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"Steps to Recovery will forever have a special place in my heart. The staff truly cares about each and every individual that comes through their program and they provided me with the opportunity of a new life I could of never imagined for myself!"

– Dana C.
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“STR is one of the reasons I’m alive and clean today. If not for this company and the tremendous help they provided for me and my family I wouldn’t be the man I am today.”

– David S.
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“Str is a phenomenal program. I was so scared walking in there and was immediately embraced as basically a family member. This program contributed significantly-and still does- to my sobriety. I’ve been able to reach almost 2 years now and I can’t thank them enough.”

– Marykate B.
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“Never been to a treatment center as amazing as Str. The loving staff actually took the time to get to know everyone on a personal basis, and cared for us when we couldn’t care for ourselves. I genuinely owe my life to Str.”

– Brit M.

Meet Our Alumni Program Team

Stefan Glamp - Headshot

Stefan Glamp | National Director of Alumni Services

Stefan leads Odyssey’s efforts in developing the alumni communities at each of their facilities. Stefan’s approach sustains treatment effectiveness by providing timely, systematic, and supportive engagement for all clients who have completed treatment. With extensive experience developing and directing robust alumni communities in the addiction and mental health fields, he focuses on engaging people within their specific recovery journeys and developing community partnerships with a belief that long-term recovery is an attainable life goal.

Headshot of Jennifer from STR Alumni Program

Jennifer Cataldi | Alumni Coordinator

Jennifer Cataldi is the Alumni Coordinator at Silver Pines. Jennifer came to Silver Pines in July 2020 as the Executive Administrative Assistant with 15+ years of experience in the medical field and 3+ years of experience in Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Prior to Silver Pines she worked as a Behavioral Health Associate and then advanced to becoming the Admissions Coordinator at an inpatient residential treatment center. Among her duties she is also involved in the Silvers Pines Culture Committee and CIVIQS Equality Committee. Jennifer was drawn to Silver Pines because of the client-centered approach and values. She takes extreme pride in working for Silver Pines and believes that we offer a loving and caring environment that helps clients feel safe on their journey through recovery. Jennifer feels grateful that she is able to share her own experience, strength, and hope and help clients engage in their own recovery journey. She plans on furthering her education and working towards a degree in Addictions and Mental Health Treatment. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, going to the beach, reading, attending concerts and sporting events.

Matt Leonard - Headshot

Matt Leonard | Alumni Coordinator | Steps to Recovery – Bucks County & Lehigh Valley

Matt Leonard is the Alumni Coordinator at STR Behavioral Health-Bucks County. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with Majors in Marketing and Supply Chain Management and a Minor in Economics. Matt’s background in the healthcare field includes working on National Institutes of Health grant funded research. Matt’s role at STR includes client engagement in all levels of care (both current and alumni) to ensure their needs are being met to best support their personal recovery. He organizes events for the community and engages in our Family Programming to bridge the gap between clients and their loved ones. Matt offers a unique perspective to clients and the organization as an alumni of the STR program himself. In his personal life, Matt loves to lift weights and is a certified personal trainer. He also enjoys playing saxophone and piano, self-development, and learning.

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