Family Program for Mental Health 
Disorders and Addiction Recovery

In our Family Program, we guide families along every step of their journey by using family therapy, education, intervention, authenticity, integrity, and compassion to help them escape mental health disorders and addictions. Individuals in recovery need family counseling to feel supported even after treatment ends.

Goals of the STR Behavioral Health's Family Program

Our Family Program helps families:

Benefits of Strategic Family Therapy in the Recovery Process

Mental health disorders and addiction affect the entire family. In family recovery, loved ones and the individual in treatment work together to manage these disorders’ effects. The process of family recovery can be challenging, but we promise to be there to support you every step of the way. Nobody needs to make this journey alone. Not only do we offer weekend in-person family counseling, but we also offer a family support group via Zoom.
There are no guarantees that a loved one will get better or stay on the right path, but research supports the value of involving the entire family system throughout the treatment and recovery process. Team-based approaches like strategic family therapy have the greatest chance of success since recovery happens within communities. The following are some findings regarding the involvement of the entire family system in a loved one’s recovery:

Virtual Family Support Group

Family recovery is challenging and certainly a commitment, but we promise to be there with you each step of the way. Nobody needs to make this journey alone. Not only do we offer weekend in-person family programming, but we also offer virtual family support groups via Zoom.

What Are the Techniques Used in Family Therapy?

Years ago, addiction and mental illness were classified as moral failing. There is widespread agreement among medical professionals today that addiction is a disease, mental illness is a disorder, and that those diagnosed require medical care or therapy.
So, what is family therapy, and how is it used in treatment? Family therapy for substance use and mental health disorders involves teaching all family members about the condition (s) and how they can participate in helping their loved one in recovery. Family therapy teaches family members that this is not something their loved one can simply avoid. Recovery isn’t just a choice. It involves a course of treatment and therapy, including family therapy. Once family members know this, they are more likely to show patience and compassion for their loved ones who are struggling. And they are more likely to participate in strategic family therapy.
Another critical element of family therapy for addiction and mental health disorders is education on the genetic aspect. Evidence shows that these disorders can run in families and that certain people are genetically predisposed. Learning about this can go a long way in ensuring that family members adequately educate their children about the risks. This can make a substantial difference and even stop future addictions or challenges before they develop.

Uniting Family Members with Their Loved One In Recovery

At STR Behavioral Health, we aim to unite each family member with their loved one to help those struggling to fight their addiction or mental illness and improve family relationships and interactions. We support family therapy and a treatment style that is compassionate and understanding as opposed to combative and confrontational. We teach each family they can be their loved one’s best chance at recovery by advocating for their treatment, supporting their loved one’s treatment plan, fully participating in all family therapy treatment, and most importantly, taking care of themselves throughout their own recovery program.

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