Music is a universal language. When people listen to a song, they can feel moved and inspired to make change in their life or keep pushing toward a goal. Songs can be about anything nowadays, from love to self-esteem to friendship. They can even be about the raw and real struggles that people usually don’t like to discuss, like addiction or substance abuse problems. When people with substance abuse issues listen to songs about addiction and recovery, they may feel a connection to the words that people without a history of addiction may not understand.

Addiction: A Relatable Struggle

Individuals who suffer from addiction deal with a whirlwind of overwhelming thoughts and emotions every day: shame, guilt, regret, and cravings. These things can feel almost impossible to shake off; but when a person knows that someone else is feeling the same way, they might have a sense of hope.

When someone with addiction issues hears a song about their disorder or how someone overcame it, they may feel a connection to the person who wrote it. Many people with substance abuse or mental disorders feel alone; so when they hear a song about something they’re dealing with, they find comfort in that. Songs about issues like addiction show that everyone deals with difficulties in their lives, whether they’re office workers or rock stars, and that there is hope for recovery.

Music As An Outlet

It’s no secret that music can do powerful things. It can even change lives in some cases, for both the person creating the music and the people consuming it. When someone is suffering from addiction or going through recovery, they’re likely to be in a lot of physical and emotional pain. This pain, while difficult to deal with, can fuel creativity and inspire beautiful creations. A lot of the time, singers or musicians who have had a history of substance abuse produce songs about their struggles to show the world that nobody is alone. If even just one person can connect with the words of a song about recovery, they may feel inspired to start living a happier and healthier life.

Songs About Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Here are eight songs about addiction and recovery that may be helpful for those struggling with substance abuse:

  1. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind – This song tells the story of a couple that abuses drugs, primarily crystal meth, to “spice up” their relationship. The message is that people often rely on substances to make their lives seem more enjoyable or bearable.
  2. A-Team by Ed Sheeren – This popular hit delves into the experiences, behaviors, and decisions of a woman with an addiction to crack cocaine who turns to prostitution to fund her habit.
  3. Save Me by Shinedown – The rock song by Shinedown describes how weak and powerless someone can feel during the deepest point of their addiction. It tells the story of someone who is consumed by their desire for drugs, mainly prescription pills, and ends up losing the relationships that meant the most to them.
  4. Chandelier by Sia – This hit is Sia’s own account of the emptiness that comes from substance abuse. As a former party girl herself, she sings about numbing herself with alcohol and pills.
  5. Walk A Little Straighter by Billy Currington – This country song tells the tale of a boy who is constantly disappointed by his alcoholic father. He then grows into a man who decides to be sober for his own children.
  6. Under the Bridge by The Red Hot Chili Peppers – The alternative song addresses the lead singer’s history with the sense of loneliness that comes with addiction to heroin.
  7. Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley – This emotional Paisley ballad, from the point of view of a man who drinks himself to death, is about turning to alcohol to cope with heartbreak. It shows how addiction can be a cycle by continuing the story with the addiction problems that his partner faced after his death.

Inspiration for Recovery

These songs, while they’re casually played on the radio almost every day, can make a huge difference in someone’s life. There are many other forms of entertainment that may also be relatable for those with substance abuse issues, from artistic pieces to television shows.

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