Cross Everyone Off Your List

Holiday shopping is already difficult enough in 2020, let alone when you don’t know what to get anyone yet.

You may have started looking around for holiday gifts to cross family & friends off your shopping list; and if you have, you know it’s not always as fun as it sounds. You have to find the perfect gift for each person, only to search for hours and eventually settle on a bottle of wine.

Well if you’re shopping for someone who’s sober, that default isn’t really an option. It can be hard to shop for someone who has quit using drugs or alcohol, especially if you don’t know what it’s like to go through the disorder. However, it can be extremely fun when you come up with a creative gift idea that will make them happy for the holidays.


Shopping Smart & Sober

The holidays can be a complicated time for people who have faced addiction or are newly sober. There are temptations, triggers, and peer pressures everywhere you turn. So to help make this time of year truly joyous for a sober loved one, try to find a gift that will help them celebrate their sobriety in a unique way.

Keep in mind before shopping that the types of gift you select may vary depending on whether the person is newly sober or has been practicing sobriety for years. People who are just coming off of an addiction, for example may be more emotional and triggered more easily than those who have been sober for a while.


Choosing Gifts For A Sober Person

While everyone’s tastes are different, we compiled a list of gifts that we believe can help a sober person improve themselves and their quality of life:

  1. An Experience – a spa day, movie, or trip that you can enjoy together
  2. Rent or Bills – can help them get back on their feet if they’re newly sober
  3. Clothing – helps them build their wardrobe up
  4. Handheld Gadgets – keeps the hands occupied & the mind busy
  5. Realistic Resources – books & memberships help inspire sobriety
  6. Hobbies – a guitar, yoga mat, or yarn can begin healthy hobbies
  7. Food & Coffee – please foodies with packages, gift baskets, or memberships
  8. Self Care – face masks, candles, and soaps help keep anyone relaxed

These ideas are simply a starting point for the many ways you can go with a gift for a sober person. Try to avoid giving cash or gift cards that can be traded in for substances. As long as you’re creative & personal, you’re set up for success.


Celebrating Dry Holidays

If you’re close with someone who is working on their recovery, there are many ways to enjoy the holidays together while staying sober. In addition to getting some of the gifts above, you could support them by:

  • Starting new traditions
  • Enjoying holiday decorations outdoors
  • Keeping them away from people who trigger or pressure them
  • Try to keep them away from events with substances

The holidays can be a beautiful, enjoyable time for everyone if practiced with care and heart. If you know somebody recovering this holiday season, there are many resources available to help you celebrate safely. To learn more about the process of recovery, give us a call at 866-488-8349