Anyone experiencing addiction knows just how damaging it can be. Not only does it impact the life of the person abusing drugs and alcohol, but it also affects their loved ones as well. Addiction and family issues are closely linked. How well your family unit recovers has a lot to do with the treatment you or a loved one receives.

Addiction and Family Damage

addiction and family becoming difficult with a child involvedWhether you’re a parent, sibling, spouse, or child of someone with an addiction, you’ve felt the effects of the disease. When you love someone who abuses drugs and alcohol, you feel a range of complicated emotions. You may feel angry, confused, frustrated, sad, and scared — you’ve probably felt all of these, perhaps all at once.

Someone suffering from addiction may want to quit using, but they’re powerless to stop. That’s one of the hallmarks of addiction. The inability to stop using can be frustrating for the user, and difficult understand by loved ones.

If a user has stolen from you to support their habit or you’ve had to take on more responsibilities to cover for them, you’re angry. When they say they need help but don’t take steps to get treatment, it’s tough to comprehend.

Addiction can ruin even the closest relationships.

Once your loved one acknowledges that they have an addiction, they can enter rehab and begin repairing the damage the disease so often causes.

Benefits of Counseling for the Whole Family

Many rehab facilities offer family counseling as one of their addiction therapy services. In a neutral setting, with a trained counselor, family members can open up about how addiction negatively impacted them.

Loved ones will learn more about how addiction works so that they can better understand why their family member engaged in so many destructive behavior patterns. They may also find out if they enabled the user with any of their actions.

When it comes to addiction and family issues, it’s important to understand that more than one person needs help. Yes, the user needs to overcome their dependency on addictive substances. But, their family needs a chance to heal as well.

Because everyone has felt the adverse effects of addiction, forgiveness must occur throughout the family.

Healing for the Entire Family at Steps to Recovery

Steps to Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Levittown, Pennsylvania. We provide hope to families who don’t know where else to turn. In our comfortable environment, we foster a collaborative atmosphere between our compassionate professionals and our clients.

Our addiction recovery services include:

It’s possible to get past the hurt and move forward with treatment from a quality rehab facility like Steps to Recovery. If you or a loved one needs help breaking free from addiction, contact us today at 267.209.7312. We’ll be your partner in lasting recovery and help rebuild the broken bonds that occur when addiction and family collide.