5 Important Facts You Should Know About An Alcohol Rehab CenterAlcohol addiction is a serious disease, but not everyone dealing with it knows that they have it. There are several subtle and not-so-subtle signs that your use of alcohol has turned into an addiction and an alcohol rehab center may be necessary.

Obvious signs you have a problem include:

  • Your doctor telling you that certain health problems are a result of alcohol abuse
  • If you’ve been in trouble with the law or fired from work due to alcohol abuse
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms a few hours after your last drink

Less obvious signs that you have an alcohol problem include:

  • Being secretly worried that you have a problem
  • Friends and family have expressed concern that you have a problem
  • If you have ever lied about your alcohol use or have hidden it from others
  • If you find yourself using alcohol to numb feelings or “self-medicate”

5 Important Facts You Should Know About An Alcohol Rehab Center

Once you have made the decision to attend an alcohol rehab center, you might be wondering what an addiction treatment center is all about. The following are five key things you should know about alcohol addiction treatment centers:

  1. Reputable treatment centers like Steps to Recovery have certified addiction counselors and mental health professionals to provide quality treatment to patients.
  2. Not all treatment centers specialize in dual diagnosis, which is the process of discovering and treating underlying mental illness along with addiction. Steps to Recovery provides dual diagnosis treatment, which often helps those who have attempted rehab before and failed.
  3. Quality treatment centers are flexible and experienced in adjusting treatment for patients as it becomes necessary. There isn’t one foolproof method for treating addiction and effective treatment is often highly personalized.
  4. A good treatment center uses evidence-based treatment that has peer-reviewed research backing it up.
  5. Aftercare is essential to a successful recovery and effective treatment centers have extensive aftercare programs to help patients continue to thrive.

Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Center

When it comes to choosing an alcohol addiction treatment center, you will most likely be searching based on highly personal criteria. Just as one example, it’s often beneficial to those in the LGBTQ demographic to choose a treatment center that specializes in their unique issues. Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA, is one of those centers that strongly understands the difficulties that LGBTQ patients face in overcoming their addictions.

If you recognize the signs and have decided to make the choice to seek treatment, give Steps to Recovery a call today at 267.209.7312. Let us put you safely on the road to recovery.