Legal or illegal, many find it easy to buy marijuana. Now, there’s also the option in particular areas to purchase the individual cannabinoids THC and CBD. When comparing CBD vs THC, what do you need to know? If you struggle with dependency, what’s the way out?

CBD vs THC: What’s the Difference?

woman wonders about the difference between CBD vs THCBoth cannabinoids are part of the cannabis plant. Both directly affect the brain and body. That said, cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t get you high. Instead, it has a broad range of medicinal effects.

In the CBD vs THC debate, proponents of marijuana legalization point to the effectiveness of this component for pain relief. People report that it relieves chronic pain, helps with the effects of epilepsy, and soothes anxiety. You might buy it as an essential oil or as edibles.

In contrast, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has psychoactive properties. This is what gets you high when smoking weed recreationally. It makes you feel tired and relaxed. THC also gives you the munchies.

This property makes it an essential part of helping someone with appetite problems. People overcoming the after-effects of chemotherapy can benefit from the use of THC. However, the illegal nature of marijuana and the potential for cognitive impairment make it difficult to buy this cannabinoid.

Recreational Use of THC Can Lead to Addiction

The CBD vs THC debate involving medical uses notwithstanding, it’s possible to develop an addiction to THC. For most people, this means the use of recreational marijuana. Dependency typically happens when a consistent influx of cannabinoids changes your brain chemistry. A sudden absence of THC results in withdrawal symptoms.

You might not need THC detox that some people undergo when letting go of a daily use habit. Depending on the severity of symptoms, drug alcohol detox could be an option if you have trouble functioning. Therapists at a rehab facility can help you figure out what to do. That said, you could certainly benefit from participation in a rehab program to kick the habit.

What Happens at Rehab?

Once you know the difference between CBD vs THC, you can find the help you need. Addiction specialists customize addiction therapy services to meet your needs. Modalities include:

  • Group therapy for addiction education and peer support
  • One-on-one counseling that helps you plan for long-term sobriety after graduation from the program
  • Family therapy, which re-opens channels of communication with loved ones
  • Life skills training, which enables you to manage triggers and stressors that influence drug abuse
  • 12 Step program participation that encourages accountability

Dependency on marijuana typically doesn’t require residential care. A partial hospitalization eases you into treatment. Most importantly, it provides the therapeutic environment you need to heal. From there, it’s easy to transition into an intensive outpatient setting.

Doing so gives you the confidence to return home or to a job without feeling the need to use. The Pennsylvania addiction recovery services to trust include Steps to Recovery. Learn more about the CBD vs THC discussion, and understand how cannabinoids are affecting you. Call 267.209.7312 today for immediate assistance.