Cocaine is a stimulant. It increases energy and mental alertness. Crack is an additional form of the drug. Although many people use the word “cocaine” to refer to both, these forms are very different. A comparison of crack vs coke helps many people understand the difference between them.

Crack vs Cokea bag of white power, is it crack vs coke

Both cocaine forms are derivatives of the Erythroxylon coca plant, which is native to South America. Manufacturers create coke by combining hydrochloric acid with coca paste. The resulting powder is usually white.

Additionally, people use the powder to make crack. They combine coke with water and some other substance like baking soda. After boiling the mixture, they cool the solid substance and break it into smaller pieces to create crack. The result is a cream, light brown, tan, or white rock.

Overall, crack is a highly concentrated form of cocaine, which makes it more addictive than coke. However, it doesn’t get its name from the cooking and breaking process. Instead, it’s a reference to the sound that it makes when people heat and smoke it.

How People Use the Drug

Aside from shape and appearance, crack and coke differ in their methods of use. Also, the faster that the effects manifest, the more intense and short-lived they are.

People smoke crack and can feel the effects in about 20 seconds. They peak in about three to five minutes and last for about 30 to 60 minutes. The immediate result and duration contribute to the heightened risk for dependence.

With coke, however, people either dilute the powder and inject the drug or snort it. It takes up to one minute for the chemicals to reach the brain. The onset, peak, and duration of the effects are about the same as smoking crack.

Snorting the drug has the slowest onset at one to five minutes. The effects peak in 20 to 30 minutes and can last for one to two hours.

Crack vs Coke Effects

Another difference between crack and coke is high intensity. Euphoria and dilated pupils are common. However, increased heart rate, heightened alertness, decreased appetite, and cravings may be more dangerous.

It’s very easy to overdose on crack because of the fast and intense results. With symptoms like hyperventilation and rapid heartbeat, an overdose can lead to coma, convulsions, and even death. However, overdose can also occur with coke. One reason is there is no way to be certain how pure the powder is.

Additionally, crack and coke cause long-term mental illness symptoms. Some of these include anxiety, paranoia, depression, delusions, and mood swings. Consequently, addiction is an incurable side effect that causes many of the above symptoms as well as muscle pain and suicidal thoughts.

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