A woman wonders about the detox definitionDetoxification, often called detox, is the process of cleansing addictive substances from the body such as alcohol, heroin, or opioids. For many people, it’s the first necessary step toward long-term recovery. However, you should never try to withdraw without medical supervision. The likelihood of dying from an overdose is much higher during withdrawal. So, what exactly is the detox definition and how can it ease your apprehensions about the process itself?

The Detox Definition

In terms of the detox definition, there are several different types. These include:

• Natural detox – you simply stop drinking or taking your drug of choice cold turkey.
• Medical detox – This long-term, outpatient program can take months and includes methadone and suboxone to help wean you off opioids.
• Medicated detox – Unlike a medical detox, you aren’t given replacement medications. Instead, you may receive prescriptions to address the symptoms you feel during detox, i.e. non-narcotic sleep aids or pain relievers.

As you can see, detox programs vary according to a person’s needs, drug of choice, and method of use.

What Detox Provides

No detox definition is complete without an explanation of the advantages of the process. For one thing, going through a three, five or seven-day program leaves your body free from drugs and alcohol. The length of detox largely depends on your drug of choice.

Detox is also relatively inexpensive and enables you to continue fulfilling your work and family responsibilities. Once detox is complete, you’ll transition into ongoing outpatient treatment which helps you better understand your addiction and triggers. This sets the foundation for a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Steps to Recovery can Help

Getting clean and sober is one of the hardest battles you’ll ever fight. However, it’s infinitely easier with help and support throughout the process. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA, our dedicated, committed staff walks with you on the journey to lasting sobriety.

Our pre-admissions specialists can help you find the detox program that most effectively addresses your unique needs. Additionally, we will customize a post-detox program that maximizes your chances of long-term success. These include some or all of the following:

• Partial hospitalization program lasting 12-16 days that focuses on goals, addiction education, individual, family counseling, and life skills
• Evidence-based, proven addiction treatment therapies
• Special attention and focus on dual diagnoses and co-dependency
Intensive outpatient program lasting 12-16 days for six days a week. The focus is on expanded life skills and goals as well as tools to integrate back into society
Sober living program

At Steps to Recovery, we understand that detox is only the first step on your long road to recovery. We will take the time to get to know you and your unique needs, and only then will we craft a treatment plan just for you. Call us today at 267.209.7312 to transform your life and permanently put your addiction behind you.