“Does insurance cover rehab?” is a common question for individuals starting addiction treatment. Like any medical treatment, patients have to pay a facility to receive treatment. Depending on the patient’s insurance coverage, they may have to pay none or a part of the actual treatment costs.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Before going to rehab, individuals can talk to an addiction counselor to discover the answer to, “Does insurance cover rehab?” In general, health insurance coverage does include some of the treatment costs. A few decades ago, insurance companies did not have to cover any treatments for substance abuse disorders. Now, that situation has finally changed. In the last few years, society has started to accept the fact that addictions are a kind of chronic disease. This acceptance has pushed legislators to change the way that they approach addiction treatment. Lawmakers passed legislation that required insurers to cover addiction treatment like they cover any other chronic disease. If the patient’s insurance covers other chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes, the insurance also has to cover the same cost percentage for addiction treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab Completely or Just Partially?

Unfortunately, covering an addiction treatment like a chronic illness does not necessarily mean that the insurance company actually pays for all of the treatment. The law only requires them to cover the same amount of treatment that they would for other chronic illnesses. If someone’s insurance company only pays a portion of treatment for chronic diseases, they will only pay a portion of addiction treatment as well.

Finding Ways to Pay for Rehab

Once someone knows the answer to, “Does insurance cover rehab?”, the next step is to find alternative ways to pay for the rest of the treatment costs. At a rehab like Steps to Recovery, clients can start by just calling the treatment center. An addiction specialist can quickly walk the client through financing options and alternative payment methods. Some community organizations, churches and treatment centers offer scholarships for patients. Other rehabs provide financing options so that clients can gradually cover the cost of treatment. With the right options, patients can figure out how to attend rehab and start enjoying a sober lifestyle again.

Discovering Support for Treating an Addiction

Making the decision to go to rehab is the first step in a long-lasting, healthy recovery. Once someone figures out how to pay for rehab, they can discover the right options for their unique situation. In a high-quality rehab, individuals can find a range of different programs such as:

Living with the pain and challenges of an addiction is not something that you have to do forever. At a treatment program, you can find a supportive, intimate environment and flexible program options. Steps to Recovery offers patients a way to take control of their lives and enjoy their newfound sobriety. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, call our specialists today at 267.209.7312. Ask us does insurance cover rehab today.