Drug abuse has become a prominent problem in society. It’s no secret that drugs have adverse effects on the body. But, it’s vital to know just how dangerous the effects of drugs can be to your health. This knowledge can help prevent individuals to begin drug use while encouraging current users to stop. So just how dangerous can the effects of drugs be?


Those under the influence of drugs put themselves at risk for injury. However, these injuries aren’t a simple scratch or bruise. Those under the influence are prone to severe self-injury and domestic abuse. Other unintentional injuries and accidents can also occur due to the impairment of the brain. Accidents with cars and other heavy machinery are common.

Birth Defects

The use of illicit substances during pregnancy can cause detrimental problems for infants. Mothers can go into labor prematurely which causes the baby to be underweight and underdeveloped. Mothers addicted to drugs can pass this addiction to their infants, which means babies could experience withdrawal after birth. Babies can also experience learning and behavioral deficits as well.


Drugs can create significant changes in normal behavioral patterns. Calm-mannered individuals can become easily agitated and aggressive. Users can also begin to experience bouts of paranoia and hallucinations. There can also be a loss of self-control along with an increase in impulsivity, which can lead to dangerous outcomes.

The Brain

When individuals take drugs, they affect the limbic system. During this, a more substantial amount of dopamine is released, creating the “high.” Over time, an altering of the brain chemicals can occur. This can lead to seizures, memory loss, and decision making.

Overall Health

Almost every organ within the body is affected by drug use. The immune system becomes compromised, leaving you more susceptible to illness. The liver is forced to work harder, which can cause liver failure. Your cardiovascular health is also at risk with drug use. This can lead to circulation issues, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks.

Steps to Recovery and your Drug Use

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