How Family Therapy with IOP Programs in PA Help Families of AddictionAddiction is a family disease. Long-term substance abuse hurts families for generations. On top of this residual damage from the addiction, family members often unknowingly participate or perpetuate substance abuse through enabling or ignoring the issue.  

When it’s time for the loved one involved in substance abuse to gain treatment, it’s equally important that the family is involved in the treatment process, gains their own education and support, and supports their loved one in healthy ways while treatment is provided. While the family is certainly not to blame for their loved one’s substance abuse, they have likely played an active role through behaviors that need to be corrected, for enduring recovery of the entire family.

Can family be involved in IOP Programs in PA?

Intensive outpatient programs in Pennsylvania, IOP programs in PA, provide the perfect opportunity for families to become engaged in treatment with their loved one. Because IOP programs in PA are on an outpatient basis and patients live at home during treatment, they can practice recovery skills while still in treatment and work through ongoing family issues within individual and group therapies.

Because family members have changed throughout the course of addiction, they are also able to become involved in IOP programs in PA through support programs, education sessions and family therapy. Education sessions are very important, as these classes teach them about addiction, enablement and codependency.

Families learn through IOP program involvement how to recognize when their loved one may be relapsing, as well as how the family members play a role in their loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse. They learn that ignoring the problem and giving into their loved one’s demands can just perpetuate the problem.

How Family Therapy with IOP Programs in PA Help Families of Addiction

Many family members of patients become resentful, angry and distant throughout substance abuse, during treatment and when relapse occurs. Improperly addressing their issues with their loved one can just create a stressful cycle of exacerbation of addiction.

Through family therapy, families learn how to deal with their own emotions and stress, as well as how to respond to substance abuse. They can learn within therapy which of their own behaviors and traits can be adjusted to help end the addiction.

Family Involvement Is Key in Steps to Recovery IOP Treatment

Throughout the course of patient participation in an IOP program at Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, families are encouraged to participate in treatment. While loved ones are undergoing comprehensive therapies for substance abuse, including possible dual diagnosis treatment, families receive education, support and therapeutic guidance, too. Co-dependency, enablement and recovery from their loved one’s addiction are all part of the focus for families as they are guided through how to repair their relationship with their loved one and come together more cohesively as a healthy family.

If you or someone you love is ready for addiction treatment through family-involved rehabilitation, call Steps to Recovery at 267.209.7312 now. The whole family can come back together in new, healthier ways for a real chance of a brighter future, so call us now.