When trying to decide where to live, there are several different factors to consider. With so many options available, it is important to select a housing arrangement that best fits a person’s needs. The better the fit for housing, the better the chances for long term success. This is especially true for those seeking a lifestyle change. One of the factors someone may consider is cost. Oxford Houses are known to be more affordable than other treatment programs.

What is an Oxford House?

An Oxford House is a democratically self-run home focused on recovery, abstinence, sobriety, and self-efficacy. Oxford houses are alternatives to halfway homes or other sober home options. They are not facilities with a staff.  An Oxford house is a normal, rented house for six or more people dedicated to recovery. Oxford Houses are single sex housing, but some do allow for children.

Oxford Houses are not established facilities. Instead, an Oxford House is any group of people focused on recovery that rent a house and maintains an Oxford House Charter.  Then, the residents of the house must abide by Oxford Charter rules.

In Oxford Houses, the officers that are elected serve 6-month terms. However, there is no limit to the amount of time someone can live in an Oxford House. Houses are encouraged to have bedrooms large enough for roommates so that people have extra support in their sobriety commitments. Oxford Houses are focused on accountability and autonomy. If someone consumes alcohol or uses drugs, they will be immediately expelled from the Oxford House. This is one of the rules of maintaining an Oxford House Charter.

What is the Cost of Living in an Oxford House?

The cost of living in an Oxford House is the same as it would cost to rent in a normal home. This is because there is no cost to becoming an Oxford House Charter. Additionally, Oxford Houses do not have a staff, which significantly reduces costs. Each member of an Oxford House is responsible for equal rent and household chores. Oxford Houses are known as being the most cost-effective recovery housing, since they are self-supported.

The average cost of living in an Oxford House depends on where the home is, as the cost of living and rent varies by state. Some report that the monthly average cost of living at an Oxford House is about $400-$500 a month. An individual is only required to pay for their own expenses and their share of house maintenance costs.

Another study found that participation improved one’s chances for recovery, employment, reduced criminal activity, and financial success. This same study reported that financial gains, likely related to better choices and reduced illegal activity, far outweighed the cost.


Remember that cost is not the only factor to consider when selecting housing. It is important to research different options so that you can pick the best fit for you. Beyond cost, look into how much support or supervision you want, housing style, expectations for chores, and more. Living in the best possible environment for you is the best way to support success in a journey towards recovery and beyond.   Speaking to others in programs or addictions specialists can be helpful when trying to determine which choice is best.