Many people who struggle with substance abuse disorders never get the treatment they need. Although people avoid rehab for many reasons, cost is a major contributing factor. Unfortunately, many people don’t do the necessary research. So, how much does rehab cost?

How Much Does Rehab Cost? Know the Variations

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to substance abuse. Therefore, the cost of rehab can fluctuate dramatically. The factors that affect how expensive drug or alcohol rehab is include:

• Whether the treatment center offers specialized treatment
• The types of programs they provide
• Certain amenities
• Whether the center is nonprofit or state-funded

Overall, many hospital rehab centers are less expensive than luxury facilities. This is because they don’t put forth the extra effort to make the atmosphere feel less institutional.

A small, private facility is more intimate and feels like home. Not to mention, a compassionate, comfortable environment motivates you to stay for the duration of your treatment.

Treatments that require more medical care may cost more than those that don’t. In addition, professional therapy and counseling may be more expensive as well. However, a reputable facility should always offer evidence-based counseling or psychotherapy as part of its programs.

Some rehab centers have pools, gyms, horseback riding areas, steam rooms, movie theaters, and other luxury amenities. While these may make your stay feel like a resort, these costs add up.

Many people find success in recovery when they can heal in a nurturing environment. If they feel like they’re on vacation, they may find it difficult to stay motivated.

You Can Afford A Better Life

You shouldn’t have to pass up an opportunity for a healthy future because you can’t afford the cost of rehab. Your insurance company should cover some or all of your rehabilitation if a medical professional diagnoses you with a mental or substance abuse disorder.

Even if you don’t have insurance, many rehab facilities will work with you to set up a payment plan. The best way to work out your payment options for rehab is to contact the center directly.

Accessible Treatment at Steps to Recovery

At Steps to Recovery, we aim to make treatment as accessible as we can. Our treatment options allow us to provide you with the best possible care without making the cost unattainable.

Unfortunately, many residential rehab centers have high fees to cover the price of living expenses. However, intensive outpatient rehab cost is usually lower than residential rehab prices.

Our treatment options include:

Partial hospitalization programs
Intensive outpatient programs
Addiction education
Outpatient treatment program
Sober living
Family therapy

We’ll help you heal in a comfortable, home-like treatment center. Overall, we aim to support and care for our clients as they transition from problematic addictive behavior to lasting recovery. Call us at 267.209.7312 to find an answer to how much does rehab cost.