Many people have a false sense of security regarding their marijuana consumption. Many consumers can use marijuana without trouble, but things aren’t as easy for others. As the legalization of marijuana comes to more locations, it’s essential to understand the product you’re consuming and the risks you take each time you’re exposed to it. Here’s how to tell you’re addicted to marijuana and how to find the right help for your condition.

Marijuana Use Disorder

Marijuana or cannabis use disorder is a result of long-term cannabis use. Individuals with this disorder cannot control or refuse to control their consumption of marijuana, pursuing more potent substances and experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms when they cannot get their desired payoff. As individuals continue to demand more and more of the substance, it starts to impact their everyday lives, relationships, and sense of self. By this point, the best way to properly recover from conditions like marijuana use disorder is by turning to addiction therapy programs from medical professionals with experience and knowledge in these areas.

What Causes an Addiction to Marijuana, and Who Can It Affect?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 30% of people who consume marijuana suffer from some effects of cannabis dependence or addiction. This is a large percentage of individuals, and to avoid this category, it’s important to know the dependence and addiction risk factors and the individuals it can impact.

Dependence on marijuana occurs typically due to the brain’s increasing desire for more significant amounts of a drug. In this case, the brain reduces the production of its endocannabinoid neurotransmitters and depends on marijuana to stimulate its production. Dependence on the substance becomes an addiction when individuals’ desire for marijuana interferes with their daily routines and obligations. 

Risk factors include family genes or individuals with lifestyles or life circumstances in which they feel like they aren’t in control. This increases the importance of marijuana in their lives, leading to dependence on the substance for happiness and pleasure. Additionally, it’s believed that the risk of addiction rises from 9 to 17% for individuals who marijuana use in their teens.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms That I Might Be Addicted to Marijuana?

If you know someone suffering from a dependence on marijuana or believe that you might be, there are some pretty obvious signs to pay attention to. People with marijuana use disorder have trouble recalling memories, paying attention during important moments, and learning new subjects. Additional symptoms of the condition include:

  • Consumption of more marijuana than intended.
  • Continuing marijuana use even as relationships deteriorate and critical responsibilities and tasks are ignored. 
  • Giving up important social activities for marijuana.
  • Consumption of marijuana in dangerous locations or situations.
  • Needing to consume more marijuana that results in the same high.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when reducing or stopping marijuana use.

The Ever-Increasing Potency of Marijuana

As individuals become more dependent on marijuana, they desire to consume higher amounts of THC. As time has passed, THC levels have increased in marijuana, leading to substances that increase the risk of dependence and addiction. This is a particularly massive worry for individuals with brains that are still developing, as people are becoming more exposed to marijuana, and its image has brightened in the eyes of society. Research has yet to give a clear understanding of how impactful higher potency levels of THC can be. Still, this demand for more potency is believed to build a stronger tolerance, eventually leading to a cannabis use disorder.

Don’t Let Substance Abuse Get the Best of You — Steps to Recovery Has the Right Solutions

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