Alcohol abuse and dependency impact millions of Americans annually. Alcohol is prone to addiction because of the euphoric effects it causes when you become intoxicated. It can make you physically and psychologically dependent, causing painful and serious withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism increase your risk of engaging in dangerous behaviors, like driving while intoxicated and psychical altercations. Since alcohol reduces anxiety and decreases inhibitions, intoxication can result in you acting aggressive or like an angry drunk.

Intoxication can lead to poor decisions, like experiencing conflicts and participating in arguments with friends and loved ones. Additionally, alcohol can change your personality, your behavior and, cause you to act like an angry drunk. Acting aggressively when you drink could be a sign that you suffer from alcoholism or abuse alcohol.

What is an Angry Drunk?

An angry drunk is an informal nickname for people who become increasingly aggressive and hostile when they drink. While you may otherwise be content and well mannered while sober, if drinking alcohol makes you hostile and bellicose, you could be an angry drunk.

When alcohol creates contradictory effects, such as making you feel angry instead of content or euphoric, it may demonstrate your need to stop using or drinking. Only demonstrating severe anger when you drink likely means that you have repressed anger. Alcohol decreasing your inhibitions allows you to express your anger, which can lead to severe consequences.

An angry drunk is prone to fighting, acts of aggression and violent behavior. These feelings of aggression can cause you to injure yourself or others and indicate you may have anger issues and need anger management classes.

Symptoms of having an anger issue can include:

  • Inability to control your temper
  • Difficulty avoiding conflict
  • Participating in psychical fights
  • Hitting or throwing objects when you become angry
  • Difficulty calming down
  • Becoming violent during arguments
  • Regretting things you did while you were angry

How to Stop Being an Angry Drunk

If you experience symptoms of an anger issue or become uncontrollably hostile when you drink or abuse alcohol, you likely have alcohol and anger related disorder. You may exhibit symptoms of anger only when intoxicated because alcohol lowers your inhibitions, making you more likely to express your emotions.

Treating an anger issue or drinking problem requires therapy. Cognitive and dialectic behavioral therapy can help you identify things that trigger your anger. Once you identify your triggers, treatment teaches you about ways to cope with your triggers in a healthy, safe manner.

Treatment will also help you better express your emotions and communicate with others, as well as teach you conflict resolution skills.

Finding Help

If you or a loved one is an angry drunk or experiencing an inability to control your anger, admitting you need help can be difficult. Reaching out for help is a powerful first step towards taking control of your life. Steps to Recovery offers the experience, compassion, and understanding you need to recover. To learn more about how our services can help you or a loved one, call us today 267.209.7312.