Something is going on with your roommate

You aren’t sure exactly what it is, but they are acting different and it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable. You suspect that your roommate is on drugs. What do you do? Of course you want to help them if you can. How can you tell if your roommate is on drugs?

Although it may seem like it’s none of your business and you might not feel like it’s your place to say or do anything, if your roommate is on drugs, it will most definitely have an impact on your life. Especially if you are under a rental lease or cannot move for some other reason. Here are some things you can look for:

Mood swings – If you start noticing that your roommate’s moods have become unpredictable or out of the ordinary for them, this is definitely a symptom of drug abuse. When a person becomes addicted, their mood is often influenced by whether or not they have or can get more of their substance, the opportunities to use whether or not they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Obvious Drug Use – Have you noticed your roommate popping pills or have you smelled pot smoke? Have you noticed drug paraphernalia or anything out of the ordinary? Have you noticed anything unusual or suspicious in the trash or carelessly left laying around? If your roommate is on drugs, it will get increasingly worse. Your roommate will develop a tolerance, which is a sign of drug addiction.

Money issues – Has your roommate been asking to borrow money and not paying it back? Have they flaked on bills? Have they been late to work or missing work altogether? If you are experiencing more of a financial burden lately because something is going on with your roommate, this is a sign of a drug problem. Since roommates share the bills for their living space, this is a big problem for you because if your roommate has an addiction, money is their lifeline to their drug and them paying their bills becomes secondary to fulfilling their need for their substance of choice.

Unusual Behavior – Is your roommate acting out of the ordinary? Is their hygiene or appearance changing? Addicts often don’t care about eating, doing self care, sleeping or much of anything other than having more of their drug. Has your roommate’s sleeping patters changed? This is also often a sign of drug abuse.

If your roommate is displaying any of the above changes in lifestyle, they may have a drug problem. So what to do from here? First you might have a sit down talk with them, if you are comfortable enough in your relationship. Ask them if they are ok and let them know that you are concerned. Ask if there is anything you can do to help. If this doesn’t work or you are not comfortable doing this, the best option is to move, as your roommate’s drug problem could have serious consequences on your life.