Instead of Intensive Outpatient Cocaine Rehab in Newark NJ, he may opt for Levittown and Steps to Recovery.The highly addictive nature of cocaine means that most individuals struggling with cocaine addiction understand and appreciate the need for rehab. It is important to also remember that no two rehab facilities are the same, nor are the quality of their programs. While an intensive outpatient cocaine rehab in Newark NJ might appear to be a reasonable choice, the truth is that alternatives could be a much better option.

The Disadvantages of Attending Intensive Outpatient Cocaine Rehab in Newark NJ

According to the Drug Intelligence Center, Newark is one of the top ten cities in the country for cocaine arrests and abuse. Naturally, this means that there is an abundance of options for intensive outpatient cocaine rehab in Newark NJ. However, it also means that it is difficult to escape the pervasiveness of cocaine addiction. Many patients could enjoy a greater chance of avoiding temptation and leaving cocaine use behind by also escaping Newark, at least during rehab.

The Case for Leaving Home for Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Whether prospective patients live in Newark or anywhere else across the country, it is normal to want to stay as close to home as possible during rehab. Being close to home can offer a sense of security as well as a place to go should rehab become too difficult.

This safety net, however, can actually be detrimental to recovery. Leaving home for rehab means wiping the slate clean and having a fresh start on sobriety. Many patients are able to realize major change when it comes to their actions, behavior and feelings just by being in a new environment. Being just an hour from home is all that it takes to feel a new sense of encouragement, support and purpose in life.

Understanding What to Look For in Rehab

When choosing a rehab program in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or any other destination, there are several important elements to look for. Specifically, prospective patients in need of cocaine addiction treatment will want to confirm that facilities offer:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment that truly addresses mental health
  • Involvement of family through therapy and education
  • Variety of program types to suit all patients and schedules
  • Small, intimate environment with personalized attention and support

Cocaine addiction and recovery needs specialized assistance from a quality rehab center. Just an hour’s drive from Newark is Levittown PA, where you’ll find Steps to Recovery, specializing in authentic care and intimate connections. Call us at 267.209.7312 to learn about our collaborative rehab programs, our attentive staff and how we can assist you on your road to recovery.