Suicide can have devastating effects on the family and friends left behind. Being identified as suicide survivors is a very difficult title to carry. However, healing and moving forward is possible. To do this, some people may choose to participate in events like the International Survivors of Suicide Day. This event gives survivors a supportive place to join others on their grief journey.

What is International Survivors of Suicide Day?

woman on International Survivors of Suicide DayInternational Survivors of Suicide Day is an annual event where people affected by suicide loss come together. Around the world, people find comfort and understanding at events in their communities. They share stories that offer hope and healing during their collective grief.

Although this is a one-day event, coming together is extremely helpful. Explaining how they feel to others who do not share their experience can be difficult. Well-meaning friends may not know the right things to say.

This day is also a time when they can raise awareness about suicide. Many factors may lead a person to take their life. Gaining an understanding not only educates, but also helps family and friends cope.

Effect of Suicide on Relatives and Friends

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, nearly 45,000 Americans die by suicide each year. For each, an estimated six survivors remain to grapple with what prompted their loved one to choose this death.

The public and helping professions must understand their grief. International Survivors of Suicide Day helps to bridge that gap. Suicide adds a traumatic layer to the usual grief of dealing with a sudden death. People may have additional feelings such as:

  • Extreme guilt
  • Confusion
  • Intense shock and disbelief
  • Anger or resentment towards the loved one who chose to take their own life
  • Anguish over unresolved issues
  • Failure at believing their loved one felt unloved

Bereavement typically lasts longer than a death that occurred from natural causes. Survivors may speculate about whether they could have prevented the death. This is especially true if their loved one struggled with a heroin addiction.

There’s a Close Relationship Between Addiction, Depression, and Suicide

One of the takeaways from participating in International Survivors of Suicide Day is letting go of guilt. Instead of thinking it was something they could have done, they could understand it was something their loved one needed.

Studies show a very close relationship between addiction, depression, and suicide. A majority of people who commit suicide suffered from depression or substance use disorder. A dual diagnosis followed by addiction and depression treatment might have helped. Proper care could have ended the vicious cycle that led to their suicide.

Overcoming Addiction May Prevent Suicide

Alcohol drug education shows that overcoming addiction is a critical step in preventing suicide. Steps to Recovery, along with International Survivors of Suicide Day, seeks to expand this awareness. We want to help you help a loved one avoid the perils of a possible heroin overdose or other addiction.

Our support Pennsylvania addiction recovery services include:

  • Addiction interventions
  • Gender-specific rehab
  • Sober living
  • Addiction counseling
  • Aftercare

Don’t face this alone. Reach out now if you or a loved one are having suicidal thoughts. Call us immediately at 267.209.7312 and let us show you that recovery is possible.