Alcohol in the foreground, woman in background, is alcohol a drug.Alcohol is the most easily accessible substance around the world, and you can obtain almost anywhere it if you’re of legal age. With this substance being so accessible and so widely consumed, many people know that it’s very addictive. And while many people have an addiction to alcohol, they may not know it. You may begin seeing that your drinking habits are abnormal and may ask, “Is alcohol a drug?” Typically, when we think of drugs we think of substances like heroin and cocaine, but alcohol is also a drug.

Is Alcohol a Drug?

By definition, a drug is any substance that has psychological effects when introduced to the body. When you drink alcohol, there are many different psychological effects that can occur. While drinking, you can lose your inhibitions, which is one of the main reasons people like to drink. While drinking, you can hallucinate and lose control of different motor functions or lose consciousness.

Dependency Also Answers “Is Alcohol a Drug?”

Some people may ask, “Is alcohol a drug?” and think it’s not a drug because it doesn’t have certain addictive qualities. This is a fallacy because alcohol is one of the leading substances in which a person can develop a dependence. Alcohol dependency happens when you drink in excess long enough for your body to require it. Once your body adjusts its equilibrium to manage your alcohol intake, you experience withdrawal when it’s not present.

Some of the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Body tremors
  • Depression

Alcohol dependence is one of the first signs that you have developed a problem with your alcohol consumption. When it has reached this point, it’s extremely important that you get help to detox at a professional facility. Not only is withdrawal uncomfortable, but some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be potentially fatal. Your heart rate and blood pressure can increase dramatically during withdrawal, which can lead to heart failure.

Answering “Is Alcohol a Drug?” in Addiction Treatment

One of the best situations you can be in when you’ve developed an addiction is to go through drug addiction treatment. Part of the addiction treatment program at Steps to Recovery is to teach you more about the disease of addiction. We want you to understand how addiction has hijacked your brain and changed the way you think. One of the most common symptoms of alcoholism is unknowingly being in a state of denial about the situation.

Becoming educated about the disease of addiction can also give you peace of mind and help you forgive yourself. Through our program, you’ll begin to understand that you’re not a bad person, but you’re suffering from an illness. We want to help you begin to make the necessary changes to become the person you want to be. We can help you get started on the road to recovery. Call Steps to Recovery now at 267.209.7312.