Most people know Ambien as a drug that helps them cope with insomnia. Because of the nature of this drug, many people wonder, “Is Ambien a benzo?” In short, Ambien is not a benzo but is actually a hypnotic sleep aid. However, just because Ambien isn’t a benzo doesn’t mean that there isn’t a potential for abuse.


Is Ambien a Benzo? What Is it? Prescription pills | Is Ambien a Benzo? | Steps to Recovery


Ambien is a non-benzodiazepine drug that helps people sleep. So when you’re wondering “Is Ambien a benzo?” the answer is no. In general, doctors prescribe it to treat insomnia. Keep in mind that they only prescribe the drug for short-term use.


Most Common Causes of Insomnia


People can develop insomnia for many reasons. For example, the most common include the death of a loved one and the loss of a job. However, it’s also common for people to experience insomnia during drug withdrawal.


Ambien Abuse


People can become dependent on sleep aids, and Ambien is no different. Doctors warn that it’s a habit-forming drug when taken too often. In fact, many people need an Ambien prescription because of its habit-forming nature.


However, there are other reasons why people abuse Ambien. Studies show that the drug doesn’t make some people feel tired or sleepy. Instead, it produces a euphoric feeling. Even in high doses, the drug may never make them feel like they can sleep.


People can develop cravings for this euphoric feeling and start to abuse Ambien. Once their doctors stop prescribing the drug, they turn to other drugs for the euphoric effects. Those with a substance abuse history are more likely to abuse Ambien than those without a history.


How Do People Know If They Abuse Ambien?


Unfortunately, most people don’t know when their general use of Ambien switches to abuse. Thankfully, there are a few questions they can ask themselves to determine if they abuse the drug, including:


  • Do I take Ambien every day?
  • Do I take a higher dose of Ambien than my doctor gave me?
  • Do I use different doctors to obtain more Ambien?
  • Do I use Ambien for fun or for sleep?
  • Do I stress out when I can’t get Ambien?


People who answer yes to any of these questions may have an Ambien abuse problem. Just like any prescription drug, it’s hard to stop Ambien abuse without professional help.

Addiction Recovery with Steps to Recovery


Now you know the answer to the question, “Is Ambien a benzo?” Although it isn’t, people can still abuse this drug. If you suffer from the abuse of any drug, including Ambien, turn to Steps to Recovery. We provide a variety of comprehensive programs, including:



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