What Are Etizolam Tablets?

Etizolam, which is in the benzodiazepine category of drugs, works by depressing the central nervous system (CNS). It has many similarities with other benzodiazepines, but the chemical makeup of etizolam is different. It has the most in common with drugs such as Diazepam and Valium. This substance is available as both a tablet and a powder but is more commonly found in tablet form.

Though it is illegal both over-the-counter and by prescription in the United States because of its potency, etizolam is a relatively common prescription medication in countries like Japan, India, and Italy. Some people in the US, however, still manage to get their hands on it.

Why People Take Etizolam

Since etizolam is not available by prescription in this country, people who live here and wish to use it have to purchase it illegally online or in person. What is it about etizolam that makes individuals go out of their way to obtain it illegally?

Here are some reasons that an individual may decide to purchase and use etizolam:

  • It has muscle-relaxing properties.
  • Etizolam has been said to work as an anticonvulsant.
  • The drug serves as a sleep aid for individuals with insomnia.
  • It may ease the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and panic disorders.

In addition to the reasons listed above, someone may use etizolam to satisfy an addiction, as etizolam carries a high risk for dependency. Those who use large doses of this medication may eventually find it hard to stop using.

Side Effects of Etizolam

Like all illicit substances and prescription medication, etizolam comes with a fair share of side effects. Common side effects of etizolam may include:

  • Confusion
  • Coordination issues
  • Blurry vision
  • Slurring of words
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Low heart rate
  • Decreased appetite
  • Memory loss
  • Nausea
  • Mood swings
  • Trouble sleeping

Etizolam also comes with a high potential for overdose and withdrawal. If someone takes too much of this drug, they may experience an overdose. If you witness someone overdosing from etizolam, seek emergency medical attention for them as soon as possible. Individuals are likely to experience withdrawal if they stop using etizolam suddenly. In fact, they will begin to experience the symptoms that they originally used the medication to treat. Detoxing from this drug at home can be dangerous, so it should only be done under medical supervision. Those who detox from etizolam are encouraged to seek treatment and enroll in an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program. A program will help this person successfully detox from the drug and develop the tools they need to stay off of it for good.

Etizolam: Treatment & Responsible Use

Even people who use etizolam according to prescription in the countries where it is legal should only take the drug for short-term relief of anxiety, depression, or insomnia symptoms. If you are a resident of the United States and suffer from any of the disorders mentioned above, you should talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for an alternative anti-anxiety or sleep aid medication.

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