With the legalization of marijuana in certain states, there’s a huge debate going on. This debate focuses on the potential health risks of smoking marijuana. Because of that, people are asking, “Is marijuana bad for you?” While it’s true that marijuana isn’t the most dangerous drug, it may have some health risks.

Causal vs Heavy Use

First, it’s important to start with the facts. Experts haven’t found much evidence to suggest that occasional marijuana use leads to long-term health problems. With that said, they have found that heavy and long-term pot use might have lingering effects on the body. In either case, experts say that it’s far too early to tell if heavy pot use has long-term consequences.

Synthetic vs Natural Marijuana

teen wonders is marijuana bad for youIs marijuana bad for you? Some of the horror stories that people hear about pot don’t actually involve natural weed. Instead, these stories involve a substance that people refer to as synthetic marijuana. This drug, which some people call Spice because of branding, is hazardous. Unlike natural marijuana, it’s toxic.

Fake weed can cause many terrible health problems that range from vomiting to seizures. The main reason is that the makers spray the plant pieces with harmful chemicals. To make matters worse, this drug is hard for the government to regulate. In fact, many people get away with selling it in convenience stores.

The sellers escape the consequences because they label fake weed with “not for human consumption.” With this label, people can buy the drug cheap and without going through an illegal dealer. Also, the chemicals to make this drug always change, so the government has a hard time banning it.

Is Marijuana Bad for You?

It’s not easy to answer the question, “Is marijuana bad for you?” However, even casual weed smokers might experience some health problems. For example, those who smoke weed often have trouble thinking, bloodshot eyes and slowed coordination. The real danger that weed presents, though, is what people do while they’re high.

In Australia, just over 4 percent of all driver fatalities tested positive for cannabis intoxication. On top of that, workers who tested positive for weed had 55 percent more accidents in the workplace than those who didn’t. Their absence from work was also 75 percent higher.

In regard to health, the verdict is still out on just how bad weed is for people. However, people who smoke weed tend to make bad choices.

Don’t Let Marijuana Use Lead You Down the Wrong Path

Just because weed isn’t as addictive as other drugs doesn’t mean that it’s not as dangerous. At Steps to Recovery, we want to help people answer the question, “Is marijuana bad for you?” We believe that it is and we aim to help you overcome it’s hold on you. Some of the programs that we offer include:

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