There’s a new designer drug captivating teens these days called K2. This synthetic marijuana, made out of lettuce leaves and fertilizer in China,  is also known as spice and potpourri on the streets and is growing rapidly in popularity.

So what’s the appeal?

K2 is easily obtained, packs a punch five times more powerful than ‘real’ marijuana, it’s not detectable when drug tested, and it’s cheap; but the final coup de grâce… it’s legal in most states in the US. All of which makes K2 drug abuse a given.

Contrary to popular belief, drug dealers and manufacturers are not stupid. They are shrewd business men that happen to ‘deal’ in products that kill people; and they don’t care. It’s all about the money and they seem to stop at nothing to obtain it. So how are they staying one step ahead of the law with the production and sale of K2? Unfortunately quite easily.

It’s a shell game.

Similar to finding the pea under the walnut shell in a con game, creators of K2 continually stay informed of every move the DEA makes and ‘move the pea’ as needed in their favor. K2 is made up of various legal compounds. Once the DEA registers one of the compounds as illegal, the producers of K2 swap that one ingredient with another that is legal and still produces the same effect for the abuser of the K2 drug. Unfortunately this is also what makes K2 so dangerous.

Homeland Security agent Rob Goetsch stated in a CBS2 report that “These drugs are so unregulated and so untested you have no idea what’s in them.” 


K2 is highly addictive, that’s how drug manufacturers ensure repeat business. While they are getting rich, K2 drug abusers become prey to brain damage, heart failure and death; K2 drug abuse is not a game.