Lindsay Lohan is determined to convince her fans that she is a changed woman, and that she has put her drug and alcohol abuse behind her.

In a post treatment interview with Oprah, Lindsay explained what she was going through when she was sentenced, serving time in jail and in recovery.

Lohan made it clear that in the past she wasn’t ready for recovery, but that this time is different.

Lohan recently completed a three month stay in rehab. This followed a nearly six year struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, rehab and jail time. Many are wondering today if Lohan has really changed and if she is ready to live a sober life.

The Difficult Task of Convincing Loved Ones

The situation sounds like ones people across the country face everyday, as they believe they are finally sober but need to convince loved ones that this time is different. After years of addiction and countless broken promises, it is naturally hard for family members and friends to believe an addict will ever stay sober or that they can ever fully change. How should someone go about convincing loved ones that they are finally determined to stay sober?

Perhaps we can learn something from Lindsay Lohan this time. She has publicly admitted her mistakes, including her life of chaos and failure to take past rehab visits seriously. She has gone through a serious rehab program, where she showed dedication to getting sober. Finally, she has begun to piece her life back together again, by finding work, being committed to that work and being responsible in her everyday life.

Lindsay has made many mistakes in the past decade, but maybe it’s time people followed the recent example of this actress.The road to recovery is difficult, and it is made even harder when loved ones doubt the addict’s ability to succeed. It is important for the person to keep going, keep looking ahead, and prove they can continue in sobriety.