I Think I'm Going Through Marijuana WithdrawalWith all drugs, when an individual has been using and abusing one regularly and for a long period of time, abruptly stopping the use of that substance will cause withdrawal symptoms. This is no different for marijuana, and marijuana withdrawal is a surprisingly common occurrence.

It’s important to note that marijuana withdrawal is not as serious or dangerous as withdrawal from other drugs like heroin or alcohol. But there are still symptoms that accompany it, which is why it’s important to seek professional help for detox.

Detoxing From Marijuana

If you are a chronic user of marijuana, stopping its use all of the sudden will not be a breeze even though many people suspect it will be. Monitored detox is necessary to help you safely and comfortably stop using marijuana. It’s also important to note that many individuals who abuse marijuana on a regular basis also abuse other drugs, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines. These co-occurring addictions can complicate the withdrawal symptoms that may accompany a marijuana detox.

Reasons for Choosing a Detox Program for Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana is an outlier among drugs. That’s because like alcohol, it often benefits from the viewpoint that it is rather harmless. It is even legal in several states.

The fact is that marijuana is not harmless. Aside from it being a “gateway drug” to other, more serious and harmful drugs, marijuana has also been associated with brain damage to young people who do not yet have fully developed adult brains.

Furthermore, recent studies by brain scientists have uncovered that many young people’s brains do not fully develop until the age of 21. This means that young people who are using marijuana on a regular basis may be damaging their brains in irreversible ways before they get the chance to fully develop.

Finally, marijuana use on a regular basis has also been associated with overall laziness and lethargy. Because it sedates users and makes them feel calm and relaxed, useful stress and motivation that is otherwise present to help spur individuals to be successful in their lives and endeavors are lost.

How to Handle Marijuana Withdrawal

If you feel like you are going through marijuana withdrawal right now, it’s time to seek professional help. A reputable drug rehab center like Steps to Recovery. We can connect you with a detox program that will medically monitor you for signs of withdrawal during your detox. A monitored detox means that you’ll never have to worry about feeling exceptionally uncomfortable or in pain. At Steps to Recovery, we have numerous services, including:

  • Connections to detox centers
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Family involvement
  • Flexible, individualized programs
  • A unique two-phase program for recovery

To begin your treatment plan, call 267.209.7312 today. One of our addiction specialists can speak with you right away.

Remember–it’s never too late to get what you want out of life without having to wade through the many issues that accompany marijuana addiction. Get in touch with Steps to Recovery today for professional and compassionate help with addiction.