Meth is a harmful, highly addictive drug, and recovering from a meth addiction can seem overwhelming. While it is certainly challenging to break free from a dependency on methamphetamine, it is possible. By understanding the meth recovery stages and the importance of rehab, patients can begin their own paths to recovery.

Meth Recovery Stages: 1 – Withdrawal

This is the first of the meth recovery stages, and it typically lasts from day one until two weeks into recovery. Most patients will be in a detox facility with medical supervision for the duration of this stage. During withdrawal in a detox center any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can be addressed by professionals.

Meth Recovery Stages: 2 – Honeymoon 

This stage is typically days 15 through 45. It can feel like the stress of recovery has lifted. Unfortunately, this can create overconfidence in patients. While the physical healing has certainly begun, the tools for lasting sobriety still need to be learned and wielded.

This recovery stage is the time when patients can benefit most from therapies and treatments including:

Meth Recovery Stages: 3 – The Wall

The next of the meth recovery stages is known as the wall, and it takes place roughly 45 to 120 days in recovery. Without rehab, this is when many patients relapse, since the honeymoon period has ended and total recovery can feel impossible. Relapse rates for meth are very high.

This stage is characterized by the onset of depression as well as feelings of boredom and even loneliness. It is vital that during the wall stage, patients have access to meth treatment alternatives that can create fulfillment and light a spark in their lives. Family involvement, sober living social events and the development of healthy hobbies can all help.

Meth Recovery Stages: 4 – Adjustment 

Days 120 through 180 are known as the adjustment stage of methamphetamine addiction recovery. This is often the time when the biggest risks of relapse are dissipating, and patients can begin to reintegrate themselves into the world. Individuals might start to fine-tune their life skills in order to find a job or pursue hobbies, and they can start to make serious improvements when it comes to relationships.

Meth Recovery Stages: 5 – Long-Term Recovery

The final of the meth recovery stages is long-term recovery. This begins at day 180 of recovery and continues for the rest of a patient’s life. It is vital at this stage that patients understand the chronic nature of addiction and realize that while they may feel much better, ongoing work, therapy and awareness is still key to maintaining sobriety.

Working through the various meth recovery stages can seem impossible, but treatment and professional assistance can make all the difference. Call 267.209.7312 to learn more about Steps to Recovery in Levittown PA and how we can help you accomplish your goal of recovering from a meth addiction.