Young woman hiding face needs opioid addiction rehab for her addiction.When young adults start using opioids, either in the form of painkillers or heroin, they do so without understanding the long-term consequences. By the time those consequences become a reality, those same young adults find themselves wrapped up in an insidious addiction. With any luck, they will find the strength to stop using and seek help from a treatment center that specializes in opioid addiction rehab. If you are a parent, it could be your child we’re referring to.

Opioid Addiction Rehab for Young Adults

The good news is there are some very reputable opioid addiction rehab centers that offer specialized services for young adults. Our Steps To Recovery facility is a great example of this. Having the benefit of this kind of treatment is important because today’s youth has a unique set of issues that come from everyday life. In fact, every generation faces changes in lifestyle, thanks in large part to the fast-changing pace of technology and science.

As a young adult or the parent of a young adult, you should know there’s value to be derived from a facility that understands the problems young people are facing. The ability of counselors to relate and understand tends to make young patients more comfortable with the entire treatment process.

Getting Opioid Addiction Rehab Treatment at Steps To Recovery

At our facility in Levittown, Pennsylvania, we strive to offer first class treatment to all segments of the population. Not only do we create custom programs for young adults, but we also do a great deal of opioid addiction rehab work with members of the LBGTQ community.

It should be noted we don’t offer an in-house detox program. However, we can offer a referral to a reputable detox facility. Following detox and the overcoming of opioid withdrawal symptoms, the focus shifts to counseling, including family therapy, and goal setting. The first phase of treatment focuses on therapy. Once the proximate cause of the addiction is isolated, we shift to Phase  II of treatment. Here, we work with our patients to provide them with coping skills they will need to avoid using opioids in the future.

Facts About Steps to Recovery

To help you better understand why Steps To Recovery has a solid reputation, we offer these facts

  • A staff to client ratio of 3:1
  • An 18-bed facility divided equally between men and women
  • Access to PHP and Inpatient treatment at a sister facility
  • Family therapy and support
  • Intensive outpatient treatment

If you or your child have an opioid addiction and need help, Steps To Recovery should be your first call. By calling us at 267.209.7312, you can avail yourself of a tailored treatment program that will help you or them break the cycle of addiction and place you or them firmly on the road to a lasting recovery.