evidence of prescription opioid abuseOpioid drugs remain a regular tool in the management of chronic pain. As with all drugs, however, they carry their own set of risks. What are some common reasons for prescription opioid abuse? How can you detect an opioid addiction? Continue reading below for the answers to these essential questions.

The Popularity of Opioids

Opioids remain a popular choice in the management of illnesses or accidents that result in chronic pain. However, prescription opioid abuse is an ongoing problem for a couple of reasons.

First of all, opioids are not for long-term use. The drug should only have a short-term time span. However, many people experience painful conditions that last for months or even years. This need for medication can allow them time to develop a physical dependence on opioids that can eventually lead to an addiction. Additionally, opioids create intense sensations of pleasure and relaxation that can be challenging to overcome.

The Dangers of Continued Opioid Use

Prescription opioid abuse affects millions of American adults each year. Due to the effects that these potent drugs have on the brain, they can result in many long and short-term side effects. For example, intense sleepiness and a slowed reaction time can lead to an increased risk of accidents. Finally, you can’t ignore the long-term ill effects on the health of the individual.

Signs of Prescription Opioid Abuse

Since opioids are popular drugs today, the odds are that you know someone who has a prescription for them. Do you know how to detect the signs of developing an opioid addiction? Any of the following clues should give you a cause for concern:

  • Behavioral changes- Those facing addiction issues usually begin to act differently. They may seem angry, moody, depressed, or anxious. Their daily routine may also change in ways that can’t be explained by other causes.
  • Obtaining multiple doctors- Opioids are usually tightly controlled substances. Therefore, a doctor will only allow a certain number of pills to be given to an individual each month. Many people facing an opioid addiction will obtain several different doctors to make sure they have a steady supply of medication.
  • Problems with money- Keeping up with multiple prescriptions can cost a lot of money in the long run. If a loved one begins borrowing money or lets bills go unpaid, it could signify a problem.

Getting Help for an Opioid Abuse Problem

Detecting the signs of opioid abuse can signal you to get important help right away. An opioid detox can help an individual deal with the withdrawal symptoms that accompany breaking free from these drugs. Additional tools can provide ongoing support and set the person up for long-term success.

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