By Steps to Recovery on November 19, 2012

Connecting with Nature is a very important part of recovery for many reasons. Many addicts and alcoholics aren’t use to this type of activity any longer and spend most of their time inside drinking and using. Even in recovery, sitting inside all the time isn’t healthy, even if you are exercising sometimes. You really need to get outside and connect with nature. Here are a few reasons to get out and enjoy nature as a part of healthy recovery.

Vitamin D – People with inadequate levels of vitamin D and chronic pain are much more likely to become addicted to their narcotic pain medications. In a study by the Mayo Clinic, it was observed that people with low vitamin D levels took up to twice the amount of prescription pain medication than people who had a healthy amount of vitamin D. In addition to this, Vitamin D has been shown to lessen depression, making recovery much more easily manageable.

Fresh Air – Get out and breathe. It’s so important to get fresh air. When you sit inside in the same place all the time, you are consuming the oxygen from the air and expelling carbon dioxide and whatever other toxins you might be releasing from your body. While your body is healing and repairing, you will be eliminating more toxins into the air than someone who does not have any health concerns. It’s important that you don’t breathe in that stale air again.

Sweating – Get out and jog, go hiking, walk briskly, do something that gets your blood flowing and your body sweaty. Sweating is a great way to rid your body of toxins and you will feel amazing afterward.

Healthy Activity – You need something to replace your addict lifestyle. Getting out in nature and rediscovering old interests or finding new passions is a great way to start developing a new, healthy routine. It is understood that boredom one of the most common triggers for relapse. Get out and do something new!

Connect With Spirit – Addicts and alcoholics are so caught up in their addiction that they can’t maintain their connection to spirit. Unhealthy lifestyle and addiction makes it impossible to connect to spirit, or other people, in a meaningful way. Getting out in nature helps recreate and nurture that connection to spirit and nurtures the soul.

Even just getting outside 20 minutes a day will make a huge impact on your life and your recovery. At first it might be uncomfortable or seem like it’s not something you are interested in. This is normal, it takes time to rebuild your relationship with nature and spirit, just like with other people, but this is an essential part of your recovery. Give it a try!