Finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone in recovery is much easier than one might think.  Like any gift-buying objective, finding something that is personal to the receiver will warm their heart and put a big smile on their face.

10 Extraordinary Gift Ideas for Someone in Recovery

Whether you wrap it in a box, arrange it gift-basket style, or stuff it in a bag; these gifts are easy to find, and a delight to receive. Some of these can be great stocking-stuffers as well.

  1. Gifts of Sobriety: When the Promises of Recovery Come True, By Barbara S. Cole. Available in paperback and Kindle; this 4-star book offers hope and encouragement.
  2. A subscription to AA Grapevine (Alcoholics Anonymous magazine) will provide a year of support
  3. Leather AA coin holder/keychain. Clear on both sides so the coin can be seen at all times.
  4. A hardcover journal in a style that matches the receiver’s personality and interests, and a pen.
  5. Sterling silver serenity bracelet. Both beautiful and inspirational.
  6. Relaxation CD’s. This would be great in a gift basket with some candles, and maybe some earbuds or headphones.
  7. Healthy eating cookbooks.
  8. Exercise gear.
    1. Yoga items: mat, clothes, DVD’s, classes
    2. New running or walking shoes
    3. Gym membership
    4. At home workout DVD’s
  9. Spa day. Relaxation and de-stressing are a large part of recovery. Everyone loves being pampered with a day at the spa.
  10. Coffee of the month subscription. This coffee is fair trade, organic, shade grown and carbon free. Toss in a coffee maker with a timer and coffee will be brewing with the rising of the sun.

Recovery gifts that support the efforts of sobriety will make the sober addict’s journey easier and will also give them a sense of being supported and loved.