Here we are at the beginning of a new year. The Christmas decorations are being taken down, the family and friends have all gone home, and we are ready to carry on with life as usual. For those of us who are hoping 2013 brings a more prosperous, healthier life, this is the time to evaluate ourselves and the way we live.

Preventing Addiction And Resolving to Be Sober

Millions of Americans abuse alcohol and drugs. Holidays are often the time that people lose control and binge drink or get even more involved with drugs, and a person’s chances at becoming an addict are increased as they abuse these substances more often.

As you welcome a new year, it is a perfect time to take a close look at your drug use and alcohol habits. Do you drink to get drunk? Do you drink to numb pain or disappointments? Do you binge drink to fit in with the crowd? Have you gotten into the habit of abusing prescription drugs, or participated in illicit drug use? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you need to seriously consider your lifestyle and find ways to avoid this kind of drug or alcohol abuse. Resolving to be sober may be the best choice.

Addiction always starts as the abuse of drugs or alcohol, and most addicts would give anything to go back and live differently before they became addicted. Don’t let the habits you developed in 2012, which lead to your addiction 2013 continue. Now is the time to change your lifestyle and get help if necessary to avoid the drug and alcohol abuse which can so easily lead to addiction. Resolving to be sober could save your life.

Healing Addiction – Help Yourself and Others By Resolving to Be Sober

If you know you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, this new year can also be one of hope for you. Make it your resolution to get help and to stick with the plan laid out for you, so that you can live a sober life again. Contact a treatment facility that can help you with drug detox and lead you through therapy that will help you learn to live without your substance. There is hope. Professionals are waiting to help you achieve the sobriety you have been putting off for so long. Let 2013 be the year you decide to take control of your own life, and put an end to your substance abuse, or get help for your addiction.