Couple on sofa puzzled about confusing signs of addiction.When most people think of signs of addiction, they think of someone who’s hanging out with other drug addicts. Someone who is not showering or changing their clothes and ditching work or school. Perhaps they start staying up all night or sleeping all day. Their eyes are always bloodshot, and they begin to act irritated and aggressive with people they used to be close with.

To be sure, these are all common signs of addiction. But there are other, more puzzling signs too. These other signs often don’t stand out quite as much because first, they may not seem terribly bad, and second, they may not appear to be associated with drug abuse at all.

Puzzling Signs of Addiction

  • Seemingly positive changes in social behavior: As a friend or relative, you may be surprised to notice changes in behavior that seem positive. For example, someone in your life who is usually quiet and shy may become more outgoing and social. On its surface, this is a positive improvement, but it can sometimes be the result of abuse of drugs like alcohol, which reduces inhibitions and improves confidence.
  • Mania or hyperactivity: You may know someone who is generally low key but who suddenly becomes a workaholic or hyperactive in some other way. Again, this is a puzzling symptom because this extra work and effort may seem positive. Perhaps they’ll start excelling at their job or in school. Their home may become exceedingly clean. They may be getting things done like a superhero. In truth, however, these could be signs of addiction to certain stimulant drugs that increase activity and awareness before causing the user to crash and feel severe depression.
  • Congestion: Certain drugs cause congestion in the nasal passageways and throat. Constant congestion without other signs of a cold or allergies may signify drug abuse.
  • Weight loss: For those individuals who were overweight or obese before drug abuse, weight loss may appear to be a positive change, but when it’s because of substance abuse, it is extremely unhealthy.
  • Dental health issues: Some drugs, like meth, affect the teeth and gums and can cause tooth loss and severe sores. Dental health issues aren’t generally associated with drug abuse, but this is a common red flag for certain types of drugs.

Steps to Recovery

If you’ve seen any of these signs in your loved one and have good reason to suspect that drug abuse could be the cause, it’s time to make a move to get them professional help. At Steps to Recovery, we’re here for you. Our services include:

How to Contact Steps to Recovery

If you’ve noticed significant signs of addiction in a loved one, don’t let them lose control of their life. Anyone can beat addiction. To find out more about the programs we offer at Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA, give us a call at 267.209.7312. Today is the day to call.