Recovery from addiction is tough, but it’s not impossible. However, understand there isn’t a quick fix. You’ll need to make your way through the steps to recovery from addiction to permanently overcome your problem. Take a look at the specific stages of recovery to prepare for the journey ahead.

The Steps to Recovery From Addiction

A man considers the steps to recovery from addictionThe first step is acknowledging the problem. Often, people don’t receive the necessary treatment. They justify prescription drug use as necessary for pain management or claim their alcohol use is under control. Simply recognizing that you’re struggling with addiction means you’re serious about overcoming this obstacle once and for all.

Seeking Professional Help

The next step is understanding you can’t overcome addiction alone. No matter your commitment to sobriety or how much family support you have, the best chance of success is with drug rehab. Professional medical support and psychologists, as well as addiction specialists, guide you through the process so you can successfully reach sobriety.

Sadly, very few people who need treatment actually seek treatment. Don’t become part of this statistic. Instead of fighting through a DIY detox or risking your health in the process, commit to a professional rehab program.

Addressing the Causes of Addiction

During rehab, you’ll start to identify factors that led to addiction. These are unique to everyone. They might start with genetic factors, but also include things like a history of trauma, poor stress management skills, or mental health concerns.

Only after you identify these, is it possible to begin working toward resolving them. Not only will this aid your recovery, it will help you become an overall healthier person.

Preparing For a Lifetime of Sobriety

Relapse is always an obstacle in the weeks, months, and years after rehab. For this reason, many treatment programs emphasize relapse prevention.

This might start with recruiting family members who offer ongoing support. It could also include continuing care or finding a local support group after rehab.

Furthermore, it involves identifying temptations and learning how to respond to them, as well. Often, a subtle mood change could motivate you to relapse. Preparing for these circumstances goes a long way in preventing relapse.

Overcoming Addiction at Steps to Recovery

At Steps to Recovery, your journey to lasting health and sobriety begins today. We offer a variety of programs, and you’ll have the necessary tools to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. The therapies we offer our patients during treatment include:

Dual diagnosis programs
• Individual psychotherapy
Group therapy
Family therapy
Sober living

Following each of the steps to recovery from addiction prepares you for a life well-lived. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you’ll have support every step of the way. Call 267.209.7312 to learn more about your personalized treatment plan for lifelong recovery.