a young teen who doesn't want to become part of the teen drug abuse statsAccording to national teen drug abuse stats, substance abuse among adolescents is a cause for concern. People who begin abusing alcohol or drugs at an early age are far more likely to suffer other consequences, such as co-occurring mental conditions. If you or your young loved one has developed an addiction problem, seek professional help before it’s too late. With the right kind of treatment, complete and lasting recovery is possible.

What Teen Drug Abuse Stats Mean for Today’s Youth

Recent teen drug abuse stats suggest that substance abuse among teens and young adults has decreased slightly over the last decade. With that being said, the number of adolescents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol is still too high. Many people don’t realize this, but young people who abuse drugs or alcohol put themselves at an elevated risk for specific consequences.

Some of the most severe possible consequences of teenage drug abuse include:

  • Developing a psychological disorder as a direct result of the abuse
  • Long-term physical, emotional, and cognitive damage
  • Becoming the victim of physical and sexual assault
  • Abuse of a gateway drug (like marijuana) can lead to abuse and addiction to heavier drugs, such as cocaine
  • Failing in academics and loss of job opportunities

The long-term effects of teen drug abuse can be overwhelming for users and their families. Fortunately, quality addiction recovery services can help your loved one end the abuse and develop life-long relapse prevention tools.

Get Help for Adolescent Drug Abuse at Our Pennsylvania Rehab

If your loved one is ready to begin working towards a drastic lifestyle change, consider rehab at Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA. Our premier drug rehab facility offers some of the most helpful recovery services in the Northeast. Upon enrolling at our center, your loved one can undergo comprehensive treatment that is capable of producing successful and lasting results.

Just a few of the recovery programs and services offered at Steps to Recovery include:

Teen drug abuse is a severe problem, but quality help is available. Our 2-phase treatment programs can help your loved one stop abusing drugs and learn how to develop a healthier mindset. Additionally, we’ll treat any underlying emotional disorders that could be feeding your loved one’s physical addiction. At our facility, we’ll address both conditions to give your loved one the very best chance for complete rehabilitation.

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Don’t wait until your loved one is a number within the teen drug abuse stats. Find help for your teenager or young adult now. Thorough and compassionate treatment is available at Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania. To learn more about our programs and how we can help aid your loved one’s recovery journey, contact us toll-free at 267.209.7312. We’re ready and eager to customize a treatment program that can meet each of your loved one’s unique needs.