People call it addiction recovery for a reason. During this time, the mind, body, and spirit start recovering and healing from addiction. To do this successfully, individuals have to support their body through the right nutrition and physical fitness program. Exercise and addiction recovery programs work together to help patients become sober.

How Exercise and Addiction Recovery Work

There are a number of benefits that people can enjoy through exercise and addiction recovery programs. Physical fitness has a profound effect on the mind and mood. When someone works out, their brain produces endorphins. These endorphins cause a natural euphoria and sense of happiness. Because of these endorphins, exercise can help people regulate their mood and emotions better. If the individual experiences depression or anxiety during recovery, exercise endorphins can help. Physically, exercise programs are a great way to rebuild the body’s strength, endurance, and flexibility following years of substance abuse.

Providing Structure and Preventing a Relapse

Exercise and addiction recovery work together to help people stay sober. During an addiction, people often spend a significant amount of their time finding and using drugs. When they stop using, they suddenly have a lot of free time. An exercise program helps to fill these hours and provide structure to the individual’s day. Physical fitness can even make sobriety easier. It turns out that exercising actually makes it less likely that someone will relapse. Regularly working out can also help patients manage withdrawal symptoms. With exercise and addiction recovery, individuals can customize the program to match their interests. Tai chi, yoga, and gentle exercises are ideal for reducing stress and helping people manage cravings. Meanwhile, outdoor activities help boost the mood through sunlight exposure and meeting people who also enjoy the outdoors. When looking for addiction therapy services, patients should remember the best program is the one that they will actually do. Whether someone loves running or just likes walking in the woods, the right exercise program is the one the individual likes doing. If they enjoy the program, they will be more likely to keep doing it.

Discovering the Right Addiction Treatment Program

Whether someone wants an experiential therapy program or dual diagnosis care, Pennsylvania addiction recovery services can help. These programs offer customized support and therapy options for clients. Even if someone has had difficulties in rehab before, the right treatment center can help them maintain healthy, long-lasting sobriety. In the treatment program, individuals can find support through options such as:

  • Addiction interventions
  • Intensive outpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Addiction counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy
  • Aftercare programs

While addiction is traumatic and challenging to deal with, you do not have to suffer alone. Steps to Recovery is here to help you along your personal journey. Our extended pre-admissions process ensures that you get the exact blend of exercise and addiction recovery programs you need. To discover how we can help with your sobriety, call us today at 267.209.7312.