Researchers know that depression and drug abuse often occur at the same time. Once someone has one condition, it fuels the other disorder. This can make getting treatment harder because both conditions need care for the client to actually recover. With dual diagnosis treatment, individuals can take the first step in overcoming their addiction.

The Connection Between Depression and Drug Abuse

Mood disorders make someone twice as likely to develop substance abuse. Individuals with depression may use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate for their depression. Other people develop substance abuse first and then have an addiction. When it comes to depression and drug abuse, either condition can occur first. Scientists do know that alcohol can actually lead to depression. If someone drinks alcohol, it changes the amount of serotonin in their mind. Low levels of serotonin have a strong connection to feelings of depression. At the same time, someone who has depression may also be more likely to engage in substance abuse. The individual may try drinking or using drugs to feel happy temporarily. Once they start to come down from the drugs, they have to use again to feel normal. In addition, coming down from stimulants like cocaine can strongly mimic the symptoms of depression.

Treating Substance Abuse Disorders and Depression

Depression and drug abuse have similar causes. Scientists know that people are more likely to develop depression and substance abuse if they have a family history of those illnesses. Likewise, experiencing trauma, childhood stress and neglect make someone more likely to have both conditions as well. With dual diagnosis care, a depression treatment program works to treat an addiction and any underlying disorders at the same time. This type of treatment program is extremely effective for depression and substance abuse. Sometimes, people relapse because they have untreated depression or a mental illness. By treating both conditions, individuals get the quality and type of care that they need.

Finding the Right Help for Depression and Substance Abuse Disorders

Depression and drug abuse may be challenging, but there are treatment centers that can help. Through a high-quality rehab, clients can find therapies and counseling options that target depression and addiction at the same time. These programs create individualized plans so that the client gets the best possible help as they begin their recovery. Patients can ask rehab specialists and intake counselors any questions they have about the treatment process. With the right Pennsylvania addiction recovery services, patients can get help with options such as:

If you or a loved one is dealing with depression and drug abuse, you do not have to suffer in silence. The right treatment center can help you recover from substance abuse and mental illnesses. Within the right atmosphere, you can take the first step in building your new life. To learn more about how Steps to Recovery can help, reach out to us today at 267.209.7312.