Man smiling about his choices of treatments for drug abuse at Steps to Recovery.It’s frightening to realize that a loved one is experiencing an addiction problem. They themselves may not be able to admit their substance abuse issue. But admitting that the problem is real is the first step toward progress and recovery. Furthermore, addiction experts agree that professional treatments for drug abuse at reputable drug rehabilitation centers are the only way to fully recover.

With that being said, within the framework of professional rehabilitation, there are multiple types of treatments for drug abuse.

The Two Primary Professional Treatment Types

Most of the professional treatment centers that exist in the U.S. can be divided into two main categories:


These facilities have beds and full living arrangements for clients. That’s because, in an inpatient or residential setting, clients will live on the rehab center’s campus and spend all of their time there for the duration of their program. They will eat meals, attend meetings and therapy sessions and sleep there.


These facilities allow individuals who need help for drug and alcohol abuse to continue living at home for the duration of their treatment program. Patients will be required to show up to the treatment center multiple times a week for therapy sessions and other rehabilitation services that are required in order to complete their chosen program.

Outpatient treatment options are better for those who cannot stop going to school or work or for those who have families to take of. These individuals need to be able to stay at home during treatment.

Finding the Right Treatments for Drug Abuse for You

For some individuals who have extremely severe addiction problems, a residential treatment program may be necessary. But for the vast majority of individuals, outpatient treatment is ideal. That’s because most people have things going on in their personal lives. They are either pursuing a career, attending school or focusing on their family. This does not enable them to drop everything and spend all of their time at an inpatient program.

Steps to Recovery offers a program that is the best of both worlds. We have a unique two-phase system that starts out with partial hospitalization and an intensive outpatient program and continues with an outpatient program that focuses on longer-term sobriety goals and tools for reintegrating into society.

Getting Help at Steps to Recovery

Steps to Recovery Substance Abuse Treatment Center welcomes individuals of all sexes, races, ages, and backgrounds for addiction treatment for drug abuse. We have helped hundreds of others successfully detox and rehabilitate themselves from drugs and alcohol, and we can help you too. Our services include:

  • Intensive therapy for individuals in one-on-one sessions
  • Family therapy involvement
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Connections with professionally monitored detox programs
  • Aftercare transition

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