Therapy is an integral part of any rehab program. Experts agree that it helps people deal with the cause of their addiction. When it comes to therapy, one of the most helpful types is group counseling. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are several types of group therapy.

What Is Group Therapy?

individuals participating in one of the many types of group therapyGroup counseling is a type of therapy that takes place in a group setting. A licensed therapist or clinical professional will lead the group discussion.

Choosing group therapy offers a range of benefits. In general, it gives people the ability to explore issues in a safe atmosphere. Studies show that people feel better when they share their problems in a peer-supported environment.

Types of Group Therapy

The most significant misconception is that group counseling is a single type of therapy. However, it’s an umbrella term that includes several types of group therapy. Below is a closer look at the most common counseling methods that fall under this umbrella.

Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy

Cognitive behavioral group therapy (CBGT) is a technique that therapists use to modify people’s behaviors. It works much like traditional cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), but it occurs in a group setting. Just like CBT, CBGT works well for people of all ages and genders.

During CBGT, people learn how to deal with and replace their negative thoughts and emotions. Replacing them with positive ones can help people kick bad habits such as addiction. During CBGT, people participate in activities that include group assignments and exercises.

CBGT helps people set long-term sobriety goals and form support networks. As far as addiction recovery services go, CBGT is one of the essential types of therapy that people can get.

Family Therapy

Group therapy doesn’t always involve fellow peers. Sometimes it includes family members. Family therapy is one of the most crucial addiction therapy services during rehab. In fact, many underlying problems that lead to addiction start in the household.

Family therapy gives therapists a chance to meet with an entire family. Seeing how the members interact with each other can bring specific problems to light. Through family counseling, families can rebuild lines of communication and work on mending their relationships.

We Can Provide the Group Therapy That You Need

Do you or a loved one struggle with addiction? If so, group therapy might provide the help that you need to beat your addiction once and for all. At Steps to Recovery, we offer addiction recovery group services. Some of our other programs and services include:

  • Intensive outpatient rehab
  • CBT
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • 12-step rehab

Don’t let your addiction control you any longer. Let us show you how different types of group therapy can help you overcome addiction. Reach out to us today for aid at 267.209.7312.