what are the 12 stepsIf you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you’ve probably heard of the 12 steps. So, what are the 12 steps, exactly? Of course, it may seem daunting to go through these to conquer addiction. Remember, though, it all starts with a single step.

What are the 12 Steps?

The 12-step model is a well-known, effective treatment program for all types of addiction. In essence, the 12 steps are:

  • Admitting you are powerless to your addiction
  • Believing a higher power will help
  • Allowing your higher power to take control
  • Taking personal inventory of yourself
  • Admitting to yourself, others, and your higher power when you’re wrong
  • Allowing your higher power to address any personal shortcomings
  • Allowing your higher power to remove these shortcomings
  • Understanding how you’ve wronged others and the willingness to make amends
  • Reaching out to those you’ve hurt, as long as the contact doesn’t harm them
  • Continually taking personal inventory, recognizing, and admitting when you’re wrong
  • Seeking connection with your higher power through meditation, prayer etc.
  • Taking the 12-step message to those who need it

Recovery begins with these 12 steps. If you’ve tried recovering before and didn’t reach the finish line, there’s still hope. The right addiction treatment center is here, and we’re ready to help.

Working Toward Recovery With You

We want your recovery to lead to the life you’ve always wanted. Above all, we support honest expression, self-discovery, and the growth of a better, sober you.

At Steps to Recovery, we focus on family involvement. We provide family therapy support and education, as well as treatment that addresses codependency. If you have a loved one who needs treatment, we’ll work with you to discover the best way to support their recovery.

Our clients’ needs are the priority, and our extensive pre-admissions process allows us to get to know you as a unique individual. This helps us decide the best course of treatment for you. In our tight-knit community, you’ll experience a 3-to-1 staff-to-client ratio.

Our facility is here to help anyone struggling with addiction. Our programs include:

We’ll start with daily goals which include individual, group, and family counseling. Additionally, this includes 12-step and addiction education. After that, we’ll decide on a treatment program that’s best for you.

Are you ready to start the road to recovery? Contact us today: 267.209.7312.