Detox Drinks: What Do They Do?

Some individuals use detox drinks to pass a drug test for their job, probation, or another reason. There are many manufactured and homemade drinks that claim to flush the body of drugs and help people pass drug tests. But do they actually work?


What Are Detox Drinks?

Detox drinks are beverages that people consume to cheat drug tests to eliminate toxins from the body quickly. They can either be made at home or manufactured and distributed by a commercial company. Detox drinks are typically in the form of a juice or a smoothie. They are available in many flavors to make them more palatable and usually contain ingredients such as niacin, Vitamin C, lecithin, goldenseal, and other herbs.


Why People Use Detox Drinks

As we mentioned earlier, many people consume detox drinks to pass a drug test immediately. These drinks are known to be fast-acting, whereas natural detoxing can take up to a month. People may also choose drinks over other detox methods because their presence can not be traced, they are cheaper than detox pills, and they allegedly can boost metabolism & dilute urine.


Do Detox Drinks Flush the Body of Drugs?

While many manufacturers of detox drinks claim that they flush the body of toxins, this is not necessarily true. Even if a drink helps someone pass a drug test, it does not get rid of the drug that is in their system. A drink like this is unable to alter the metabolism enough to completely cleanse the body of toxins, and none of its ingredients necessarily increase the body’s ability to detox.

Detox drinks do have a chance of helping consumers pass drug tests for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, or nicotine. However, using these drinks does not guarantee that the user will pass their test. Most manufactured drinks require users to refrain from using drugs for 48 hours. Also, detox drinks may cause a person’s drug test sample to be invalid. An invalid test means that the individual will have to take another one.


Detox Drink Warnings

Additionally, detox drinks could be potentially dangerous when used without supervision or assistance. They do not offer holistic detoxification and will likely not remove drugs from your system. They may also cause allergic reactions due to their varied ingredients. Finally, detox drinks are technically illegal, so consuming them could potentially get you in legal trouble.


Drug Detox Treatment Methods

Overall, it is recommended to try something other than detox drinks if you are truly trying to detox. If you are trying to detox from marijuana or nicotine, you may be able to safely do so at home. If you are trying to break an addiction to an illicit drug or alcohol, however, rehabilitation may be necessary. Enrolling in an inpatient or outpatient program is the most effective way to truly flush your body of toxins. A rehab program will offer individuals different medications, therapies, and methods of support to help individuals detox.

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