Do you find yourself consuming a drug, only to wake up and realize it’s just a dream? We’ve all experienced those dreams that seem so real until we know it’s just us lying in bed. But if you’re a constant consumer of a drug or on the road to recovery, it can be frightening to dream of being high or situations where you feel forced to consume the drug. 

These dreams don’t always mean bad things. Understanding them can guide one toward realizing an addiction and going to a quality intensive outpatient program or another form of rehabilitation. Let’s take a look at the meaning of dreams about drugs and how someone can use them to their advantage. 

Dreams Are More Common in Those Recovering From Drug Use

Dreams are very common among those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, with many studies indicating that these dreams are much more common in recovering patients. There is very little known about the actual significance of these dreams and whether they’re a warning of any issues during the recovery or if they’re a positive sign. The longer individuals are in recovery, the less likely they are to endure these dreams. 

Additionally, dreams tend to follow a similar pattern for most. The person will usually be unable to avoid bad habits and take an alcoholic drink or consume the drug they’re recovering from. The rest of the dream consists of feelings of anger, guilt, and frustration at themselves for being unable to reject the substance. By and large, these dreams are more than likely a sign that patients are in recovery and that the substance in question had a stranglehold on their minds for an extended period.

An Escape From Reality

Sometimes, dreams aren’t always a good sign. People take addictive substances for various reasons, and one of the most common ones is to escape from the reality of life. For someone who consumes alcohol regularly or takes illegal substances, it’s common to dream about taking them to escape from a stressful relationship or a personal situation that seems hard to overcome. Feelings of misery and anger towards family members or friends can also lead to dreams about drugs that provide a reprieve from the world.

Power Over an Addiction

We have all felt sometimes like life is leading its own course, and there’s not much we can do about it. Sometimes we have a string of bad luck or a series of positive results that come our way. When it comes to dreams about drugs, being in control of a situation where they may not feel like they have power can be a primary reason. Addictions have a way of making one feel powerless, and even people who would love to stop taking drugs find it hard to avoid them. Dreams are a way of separating themselves from life, rejecting drugs, and giving a sense of power over the substance. 

Dream Regeneration

Recurrent drug users are often unconscious throughout most of their addiction. This means that heavy drug use represses the mind’s ability to dream. Having dreams about drugs are often just the mind finishing the dreams that were paused and unprocessed. Many of the more common drugs suppress dreams, and the brain constantly finds ways to regenerate those dreams over time.

A Sign That You’re Committed to the Cause

The biggest thing to remember is that sometimes, dreams are just a sign that the recovery process is going right. Not all dreams are negative, and because addictions can rewire brain chemistry, many things are going on in the mind when changing the habits and desires it’s used to. Dreams can show that someone is on the right path to recovery and that the mind is committed and engaged in getting the right treatment.

Steps to Recovery Can Help You Understand Your Dreams Before, During, and After Recovery

Dreams can mean a variety of different things, and at Steps to Recovery, we know that they can be a part of the recovery process. As just one of the many steps people go through when fighting their addictions to drugs, our well-designed drug addiction rehab programs make it simple and easy to live a good life once more. Residents in Levittown, PA, and surrounding communities should call us today at 267.209.7312 if you or a loved one need help understanding bad dreams and other effects of drug rehab.