A man tries to understand, "What is drug abuse?"Defining drug abuse isn’t always easy. A majority of people use prescription and recreational drugs. However, using doesn’t necessarily mean you have an addiction. What is drug abuse? To answer this question let’s explore how to identify substance abuse, why it’s so dangerous, and how to treat it.

What is Drug Abuse?

There are two main methods for classifying drug abuse. The first is the recreational use of almost any drug. The second is the inappropriate use of prescription drugs.

There is virtually no responsible way to use illegal drugs. These drugs have no medical benefits, but they do have multiple side effects. Therefore, any method of using these is likely abuse.

However, people abuse prescription drugs much differently. Obviously, many individuals need prescription drugs for their overall health. Additionally, experts consider it abuse when a person uses prescription medications inappropriately.

For example, taking a drug without a prescription is a clear sign of abuse. The same is true if a person takes more than the medical professional recommends, or for longer than they suggest.

Spotting the Signs of Drug Abuse

Overall, there are various signs of drug abuse. These can be physical, financial, or behavioral.

Often, physical signs are the most obvious. For example, drug abuse can cause rapid weight loss or gain, and dramatically changes a person’s sleep cycle. You might notice sores or scabs on the skin, as well. These are injection spots for consuming the drug. Keep an eye out for drug paraphernalia, as well.

Furthermore, you can confidently conclude drug abuse if you find multiple bottles of prescription medications in someone’s living space. They also might clearly discuss doctor shopping. This is the practice of going to more than one clinic at the same time to collect prescription drugs. Substance abusers usually do this when they’re primary care physician won’t prescribe to them anymore.

Not to mention, drug abuse changes a person’s behavior. Previously outgoing people can quickly withdraw socially when using. A person who took pride in their appearance might begin lacking hygiene. Pay attention to these notable behavioral changes to identify a drug abuse problem.

The Risks of Abusing Drugs

Any form of drug abuse leads to harrowing consequences. For example, you might: ruin your career, fall into financial problems, or suffer serious health complications. Abusing drugs greatly increases your chances of overdosing, as well. Unfortunately, addiction quickly develops after a person abuses drugs for any length of time.

Overcoming Drug Abuse

If we’ve answered, “What is drug abuse?” overcoming it begins with a detox. Fortunately, medical supervision mitigates withdrawal symptoms. Following this process, patients go to rehab where they make meaningful recovery progress. At Steps to Recovery, you’ll have access to custom treatment plans including:

• Behavioral therapy
Sober living
Relapse prevention counseling

Above all, understanding drug abuse is the first step to ending it. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you’ll have the opportunity to conquer drug abuse and addiction. If you’re ready to overcome your struggles, call 267.209.7312 today. It’s never too late to get the help you need.