When most people think of addiction, they think of drugs like heroin, meth, and cocaine, but LSD can be addictive. Many people don’t think of LSD as an addictive substance because it’s not as frequently seen. The reality is that many people who use LSD regularly wholly lose control of their lives. Before understanding how this turns into an addiction, you may ask, “What is LSD?”

What is LSD?

what is lsd and what does it do to your bodyLSD is a compound made up of lysergic acid diethylamide made in a lab. LSD is a hallucinogenic drug that people use typically in the party and club scene, but not always. Some say they use LSD to have a sort of spiritual experience, but it can become an addiction rather quickly. This addiction happens based on the way habits form in the brain.

Many people who develop an addiction to LSD begin using it as a way to cope with life. The problem is that when you keep reinforcing a habit like this, it eventually turns into an addiction. The brain begins to rewire itself where a person is turning to LSD as a solution to various problems. Typically these problems are mental and emotional.

The side effects of use can be:

  • Hallucinations
  • Dehydration
  • Erratic heartbeat

What is LSD Treatment Like?

Luckily, hallucinogens don’t have many withdrawal symptoms associated with them. Drugs like heroin and benzodiazepines have a lot of physical as well as mental side effects. When coming off of LSD, you’ll typically feel some anxiety as well as some irritability, but not much more than that. This makes the transition into rehabilitation much easier.

The first step in the rehabilitation process is receiving some alcohol drug education. When you’re able to understand what the disease of addiction is and how you’ve lost control, you’re on the path to full recovery. Knowing how your body and mind react to these drugs differently will help you build a strong foundation for recovery. From here, various therapeutic techniques can help you learn how to stay clean.

Staying Clean With Addiction Treatment at Steps to Recovery

The way that you’re able to regain control of your life and live free from addiction is getting down to the root problem. There’s a reason why you’ve been turning to LSD, and a therapist can help you figure that out. Therapists are there to give you a safe environment to open up and discuss what’s really going on. You’ll begin to see that there are different tools that you can use that can help you stay clean for years to come.

Steps to Recovery offers addiction treatment services that are designed to help you change your life. We want you to know that you no longer have to stay a slave to the drugs you’ve been abusing. Not only that, but you’ll see that there’s an incredible life that awaits you. We also offer multiple levels of care to give you the best treatment possible.

Levels of care include:

What is LSD? Let Steps to Recovery answer all of your questions regarding drug abuse and treatment. To learn about your treatment options, call 267.209.7312 today.