What is psychotherapy? This patient with her counselor is finding out.When it comes to treating an addiction, it takes more than just detox to stay sober. Before entering treatment, many patients wonder, “What is psychotherapy?” This treatment is one of the addiction counseling options that can help patients with their long-term recovery.

How Therapy Works With Addiction Treatment

The main goal of therapy is to help patients maintain their sobriety. Addictions can be triggered by certain situations, behaviors and social interactions. With addiction therapy, patients can learn how to identify situations where relapsing is possible. In addition, therapy can help patients learn how to cope with negative emotions without using.

Therapy can help patients cope with life situations and past trauma. These types of situations can cause ongoing stress that makes getting clean a little harder. Through therapy, patients learn how to handle these situations, practice self-care and prevent a relapse.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a type of treatment that is used to treat mental health problems and addictions. Through psychotherapy, patients can learn how to understand their feelings and cope with difficult situations. While psychotherapy is used to treat different mental disorders, it is also extremely useful in treating addiction.

Other than finding out the answer to, “What is psychotherapy?”, patients can also discover the different types of therapy options available. Psychotherapy comes in different forms like cognitive behavioral therapy. Depending on the patient’s unique needs, they may utilize psychotherapy options such as:

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy to learn how to handle stress
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy to improve social relationships
  • Acceptance therapy to help patients commit to making changes
  • Psychoanalysis therapy to increase awareness about unconscious thoughts
  • Contingency management therapy for positive incentives to stay sober
  • Motivational interviewing to handle confrontation

What Type of Treatment Is the Best?

Learning the answer to, “What is psychotherapy?” is just the first step. Afterward, patients need to find the program and therapy options that work best for them. Rehab centers like Steps to Recovery offer patients help with severe co-occurring programs through compassionate, flexible programs. They use an extended pre-admissions program to make sure that each individual gets the best treatments for their unique addiction treatment.

During the first phase of treatment, patients use the partial hospitalization program to get intensive care. Afterward, patients begin an intensive outpatient program to focus even more on their recovery. Both phases offer help with family counseling, long-term sobriety, addiction education, 12-step program information and individual counseling.

Recovery is a process, and the right support can make a major difference. To find out how the collaborative programs at Steps to Recovery can help, call us at 267.209.7312.