The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that the U.S. is experiencing an opioid crisis. About half of the deaths from opioids involve a prescription medication, including Zohydro. What is Zohydro addiction? It’s an overwhelming urge to use the substance despite the known consequences.

What is Zohydro Addiction?

A man wonders what is Zohydro addictionZohydro may be one of the country’s deadliest substances. Essentially, it’s a powerful painkiller that’s relatively new to the market.

One of the concerns is that Zohydro contains pure hydrocodone, which is a highly addictive opioid. Vicodin contains the same chemical. However, Vicodin comes in a weaker dose and includes an acetaminophen.

Ominously, the acetaminophen in Vicodin has been responsible for liver failure. The makers of Zohydro claim the drug provides pain-relieving effects without the risk of liver toxicity, however, this isn’t true.

Zohydro also comes as a time-release capsule. Over a 12-hour period, it slowly discharges medication into the bloodstream.

The Dangers of a Zohydro Addiction

Experts fear that Zohydro could spark another fatal overdose epidemic. The pills contain up to ten times the amount of hydrocodone found in Vicodin. Although Zohydro releases chemicals more slowly, people manipulate the pill to speed up this process.

When crushing or snorting these pills, just two of them could kill you.

A similar situation occurred in regards to OxyContin. Users were crushing the extended-release pills to experience an immediate high. The manufacturer reformulated the medication to prevent its easy misuse. However, they have yet to do the same with Zohydro.

The Brain on Opioids

Your brain has opioid receptors which receive communication from the production of natural opioids. When you feel pain, your body sends endorphins to these receptors to help you feel better.

Overall, opioids heighten this sensation. They bind to your receptors, negating the need for natural opioids. Eventually, your body stops producing its own pain-killing and mood-boosting chemicals. This is why people taking opioids feel unbearable withdrawal symptoms without their usual dosage.

Drug Detox Drug Programs

Detox programs help people rid their bodies of opioids without the excruciating side effects. Gentle detox allows you to manage withdrawal symptoms. This is extremely helpful when your body is creating its own feel-good chemicals again.

Do You Need Drug Addiction Rehab For Zohydro Addiction?

Whether you take prescription Zohydro for long-term pain or use the medication recreationally, achieving sobriety is always possible. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA we offer several drug addiction rehab programs, including:

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