A women is conflicted about what type of drug is heroinAlthough many people know heroin is dangerous, few people truly know why. What type of drug is heroin, exactly? Take an in-depth look at identifying the illicit substance, why it’s so addictive, and how you can overcome dependence.

What Type of Drug is Heroin?

First and foremost, heroin is an opioid drug. This means it’s from the pods of opium poppy plants. Typically, heroin comes from Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, heroin comes in many different varieties. In the United States, The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies all forms of heroin as Schedule I drugs. This means it has no medical benefits and high addictive potential.

Heroin comes in the form of a sticky black substance, which is where the slang term, “black tar” comes from. It also comes in a white or brown powder. Typically, users smoke, snort, or inject the substance intravenously.

The Side Effects of Heroin Abuse

There are countless negative side effects heroin abuse causes. To start, it only takes one isolated use of the drug to develop an addiction. Even worse, it’s also possible to overdose from one heroin dose.

Additionally, heroin rapidly causes an increase in body temperature, severe itching, and nausea or vomiting. It can immediately disrupt the sleep cycle and commonly causes confusion and dizziness as well.

After extended use, the drug’s side effects become worse. For example, chronic heroin use causes infection in the heart lining or valves and can lead to liver or kidney failure. Collapsed veins, skin infections or abscesses also occur around injection areas. This is all in addition to the negative emotional, financial, and psychological side effects the drug creates.

How to Identify a Heroin Addiction

Because heroin is highly addictive, anyone who uses it is likely struggling. You might also notice users have sores on their skin. Therefore, some wear long sleeves, even in warm weather, to hide these blemishes.

Behavioral changes are another obvious indicator of addiction. For example, a person who is normally outgoing might become an introvert. In addition, a career-driven person might lose their job without explanation. Overall, people struggling with addiction avoid loved ones and isolate themselves.

How Can You Overcome a Heroin Addiction

Overcoming a heroin addiction is challenging, but professional support makes all the difference. At Steps to Recovery, reap the rewards of a program that gives you the skills and confidence to live an addiction-free life. Our treatment methods include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Sober living
Partial hospitalization program
Intensive outpatient program
Dual diagnosis support

If we’ve answered, “What type of drug is heroin?” for you, it’s never too late to get help. Heroin is an incredibly powerful, dangerous drug. It can destroy your life. Therefore the key to successful recovery is a comprehensive program like those Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania provides. Call 267.209.7312 to begin your unique, transformative treatment today.