Alisha is a primary therapist at Silver Pines Treatment Center. She holds a BA in Psychology from West Chester University and a Masters in Clinical/Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College. As a primary therapist, Alisha is responsible for providing individual and group therapy, as well as insuring case management needs are coordinated in the treatment setting. Alisha presents with a focus in trauma-informed care and is continuing training in furthering this skill set. Alisha began working in Human Services at various clinical settings, providing treatment to young children presenting with behavioral difficulties as a result of both traumatic experiences and in-utero substance dependence. Services focused on offering assistance to both the children themselves, as well as legal guardians, in order to begin the healing process. Over the last 3 years, Alisha has focused on providing services to adults with substance use disorders, as well as other related co-occurring disorders. Her fundamental philosophy is in providing client-centered treatment that attends to the unique needs of each presenting individual. Alisha aims to build a therapeutic alliance, based upon providing a safe and trusting environment that allows for further exploration. As noted by Shannon L. Alder, ” “Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”

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